Guide to the Top 10 European Adventure Holidays for Couples

European Adventure Holidays for Couples – A World to Travel

Have you ever jet skied around a volcano? Flown over the spitting lava fields in the middle of a frozen tundra? What about fly through fresh powder while a pack of Alaskan huskies pulls you under the illuminating night sky of the arctic lights?

Whether it be summer or winter activities, from hair-raising to the mundane, Europe has it covered. Roughly the size of the continental United States there’s more to do here than first meets the eye. Here we take a look at the top 10 European adventure holidays for couples and single travelers!. 

Arctic dog sledding expeditions – Tromsø

The capital of outdoor activities in Norway, Tromso is a must for your bucket list. Boasting one of the clearest skies in the Arctic allowing for unadulterated views of the Aurora Borealis. See how you venture staring at the awesome night sky while maintaining a white-knuckle grip on the dog sled. Or go on a hybrid-electric catamaran for a chance of spotting whales in the wild. These are by far some of the most memorable activities on the list.

Bungee jump from 192 meters – Innsbruck

2002 saw the opening of the highest bungee jump in Europe located in Innsbruck, Austria off the bridge locally known as Europabrücke. Standing at a commanding height of 192 meters (629 feet) it is not for the faint of heart. Jumping from these heights you will reach a speed of 120 kph/75 mph.

Get ready for the selfie!

Canoeing down Cetina River- Split

The second-largest city in Croatia, Split had as many rulers as it does ports. Get ready to cover 11 km down the white waters of the Cetina River.

Take a glimpse of the stip rocks on the banks of the river and the lush vegetation. Most of all feel the thrills of getting down the river with a friend.

Helicopter flight over Paris and Versailles

The city of lights couldn’t be missing from a bucket list. Next time you’re visiting the tour Eiffel, however, try to do something different and definitely more adventurous. Hop on a helicopter and enjoy the city above the clouds while the others are queuing for a view over the city. Explore Paris from above and create some unforgettable moments!

Skydiving over the Amalfi coast in Naples

Staying over the clouds, now it’s time to jump and feel your heart pumping. This is a unique skydiving experience! Enjoy incredible views of the coastline of Amalfi while flying in the air attached to your skydiving instructor.

Hold your breath and jump from a plane at 4500 meters altitude. That’s something you will remember for a lifetime!

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Jet skiing safari in the volcano of Santorini

Whitewashed houses hanging from the cliffs and thousands of tourists on the balconies to take a look at the famous Santorini sunset. That sounds all good, but how about around on a jet ski over the Caldera volcano? 5 hours of pure adrenaline and speed around the island of Santorini. Feel the breeze on your hair while you reach speeds of 100km/h. Take a break to snorkel over the volcano and admire nature’s most marvelous creations!

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Tandem paragliding over the sea in Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the most known destinations in Europe for paragliding. Pico del Teide standing at 3718m is the best take-off point to admire the rocky landscapes of the island and the northern coastline. Take this paragliding flight on sunset and you will have the experience for a lifetime!


Fly over Reykjavik on a glider

Fear of heights or speed? Close your eyes and feel the adrenaline rush while flying on a 2 seater glider over the magnificent Icelandic lava fields! For the daredevils, it’s highly recommended to ask for some aerobatic moves, and then you will see what we’re talking about! Pure fun!


Take a paragliding flight over Davos, Switzerland

Staying on air again, fly over the white slopes of Davos and glide over the Swiss Alps. This winter landscape is something you will remember for a lifetime.


Ride a quad on the desert of Agafay near Marrakech

Are you looking for some action here? Get the keys to your quad and jump over the sandhills of Agafay. Drifts tricks are all allowed here for the adrenaline seekers. Find your oasis of adventure in the dunes of Marrakech in Morocco, which as we all know is not in Europe but just a short flight away!

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