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Iceland, that vast natural beauty that happens to be a country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is rapidly becoming one of the preferred places in the world to visit for landscape lovers with some cash to spend.


Iceland, a destination our generation loves

The tourism boom happening there is being so worrying lately that its leaders are already planning to restrict Airbnb rentals to limit visitor numbers$30 Airbnb discount here.

Little could have I envisioned when I lived there back in 2012 that so many people would be attracted to Iceland. But it was only a matter of time following the success of shows like Game of Thrones and Star Wars, filmed in some idyllic locations within the country. Plus everyone else going back home with perfect pictures to illustrate its benefits.

As a result, so much has already been written about what visitors should do, see and eat in Iceland but still, no wonder why (online literature is many more times than we would like to admit a complete mess), I still get tons of questions from my friends and relatives about the same topic when they are headed there.


How Many Days Do You Need To Visit Iceland?

You decide how much time you’d like to spend there. From a week to a month, there is enough to enjoy in Iceland. And now that I remember, even if you are really short in time (as I was once), the possibilities are endless.

Check for instance all the spots I was able to see in a really quick road trip around Iceland in less than 48 hours in the following clip. And please, forgive this humble video that was put together after snapping thousands of pics about 4 years back before owning a proper camera and definitely lacking time as we rushed our way around the country.

As it happens, even in the comfort of your vehicle, you can appreciate multiple natural wonders.


Iceland’s Ring Road, Our Base Path

Most surprising is that all of us that want to appreciate Iceland’s awesomeness, is barely scratching the surface. The Ring Road is so popular because it is the only feasible way for visitors who lack the experience when driving in extreme weather conditions or who do not properly know the paths, to see the best that the country offers without getting into the Interior, dominated by glaciers and lava deserts. Once a land for the outlaw, today the Iceland Highlands are uninhabited and the last remnants of true wilderness in Europe.

But that is another story, one that deserves a post of its own and one that I hope to be writing soon. Meanwhile, I am going to drop my favorite video of Iceland made till today. The story of how its author crossed the country on foot.

So without further ado, please let me introduce you to the greatest Iceland road trip itinerary. The one that, following the main Ring road that circulates around the country anti-clockwise, will take you to the jewels that have proven their worth and are in every Iceland highlights list as well as many other not so known spots that are equally attractive and perhaps a bit away from the main tourist trails.


Iceland Road Trip Itinerary Map

This Iceland road map is everything you need to kickstart your adventure:

The 50 Key Stops On An Iceland Road Trip

1128 miles or 1815 km. Perfectly achievable.

From joining the whale watching tours in the North part of the country to adventuring on a 2 or 3-day hike at Landmannalaugar, embarking on a Northern lights quest or a waterfalls-hop trip, here are the fifty spots you can’t miss in Iceland.

1. Keflavik International Airport

Well aware this is not a proper stop but the place where you most likely will land, this map needed to start somewhere so there you have it.

2. Gunnuhver Geothermal Area

Una foto publicada por Kirsti (@photosbykirsti) el

3. Hveragerði

4. Þingvellir

5. Öxarárfoss

Una foto publicada por Christian Zepter (@50mmfreunde) el

6. Laugarvatn

Una foto publicada por Marion Côté (@marion_c4) el

7. Bruarfoss Waterfall

Una foto publicada por Erik Somnäs (@e.somnas) el

8. Strokkur Geyser

9. Gullfoss Falls

Una foto publicada por Fanny Mirambet (@fannymirambet) el

10. Hjalparfoss

Una foto publicada por James (@james_billings) el

11. Landmannalaugar

12. Sólheimajökull

Una foto publicada por Travelgram ( el

13. Eyjafjallajökull

Una foto publicada por Anthony (@_shoottheworld_) el

14. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Una foto publicada por Robert Lukeman (@robertlukeman) el

15. Vestmannaeyjar

Una foto publicada por T H O R (@thorbrands) el

16. Skógafoss

Una foto publicada por Gregory Young (@greg7y) el

17. Solheimasandur Plane Wreck

18. Dyrhólaey

19. Vik

Una foto publicada por Ralf Schilberg (@ralfschilberg) el

20. Hjörleifshöfði

Una foto publicada por Federico Chieli (@fchieli) el

21. Skaftafell

Una foto publicada por #OurDailyEarth (@ourdailyearth) el

22. Jökulsárlón

Una foto publicada por Oly Ruiz (@dmetroman) el

23. Höfn

Una foto publicada por Henry Páll (@aguycalledpaul) el

24. Djúpivogur

Una foto publicada por @sivmbjelland el

25. Reyðarfjörður

26. Seydisfjordur

Una foto publicada por @aman0n el

27. Litlanesfoss

Una foto publicada por Élaine. (@el_b) el

28. Hengifoss

Una foto publicada por laurahansen7 (@laurahansen7) el

29. Dettifoss

Una foto publicada por Jonathan Zhang (@jonzzzsh) el

30. Grjótagjá cave

31. Mývatn

Steamy Earth. Geothermal mud ponds

Una foto publicada por Phoebe Burnham (@phoebeburnham) el

32. Góðafoss Waterfall

Una foto publicada por Around Iceland (@aroundiceland) el

33. Akureyri

Una foto publicada por Billy Cress (@billycress) el

34. Dalvik

Una foto publicada por Mauro Benzi (@maurob66) el

35. Hofsós

Una foto publicada por karhu (@karhu_matka) el

36. Kolugljúfur canyon

Una foto publicada por @neljelpoo el

37. Djupavik

Una foto publicada por Brynja (@brynjafrances) el

38. Ísafjörður

Una foto publicada por @tmoffiet el

39. Dynjandi

40. Reykjarfjörður

41. Hellulaug

42. Rauðasandur

Una foto publicada por Foxy Girl (@aliciafoxygirl) el

43. Kirkjufell

Una foto publicada por Ryan Cline (@ryan.cline) el

44. Svörtuloft Lighthouse

45. Hraunfossar

Una foto publicada por Makino (@makino483) el

46. Deildartunguhver

Una foto publicada por Marek (@kooty_13) el

47. Foraging – Hvalfjörður

Una foto publicada por @zstinah el

48. Reykjavík

Una foto publicada por Berglind Sigurjónsd (@beggaosk73) el

49. Elliðaárdalur

50. Blue Lagoon

51. Keflavik International Airport

Time to leave?

Not before checking our tips on how to visit Iceland on a budget and why we will return to Iceland soon!

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  1. q1


    those pictures are breathtaking and inspiring us to have the same itinerary! We are staying 13 days on iceland and we are wondering if it would be possible to fit 50 stops in these days?

    We are really excited and looking forward to experience this big gem 🙂

    Thank you a lot for your help!

    • Inma

      Thanks Zahra
      It all depends. If you rather take your time and enjoy slow paced travel, it could easily take 2 or 3 weeks although from one week onwards you can enjoy most of them as they are mainly nearby the main ring road.
      Enjoy Iceland!

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