Things to Do In Innsbruck – Austria’s Best Kept Secret

Things to do in Innsbruck Austria – A World to Travel (3)

Innsbruck is the fifth largest city of Austria and the capital of the province Tyrol. It is still quite unknown on an international basis, although it has so much to offer. What a pity! We want to change that, which is why we are going to present some of the most interesting things to do in Innsbruck Austria below these lines. Maybe your next holiday destination is already certain after reading this post?


Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, in the lane, snow is glistening…

Innsbruck is not only an interesting cultural center but one of Austria’s top skiing strongholds. That is why it is the perfect spot for every long-established fan of the popular winter sport or everyone who is willing to try it.

The Olympia Ski World Innsbruck provides nine different skiing areas and every single one has its very own character. No matter what level you are at – there are all kind of slopes for both, skiers and snowboarders. On top of that, a special bus takes you to the ski runs for free! After arriving, the chairlifts are going to take you comfortably up the mountain. You do not have to worry about anything, as everything is arranged to the tourists’ pleasure!

Furthermore, the area includes many hiking trails, so you can go for a romantic winter walk and enjoy the beautiful nature around the city. There is no better way to explore the breathtaking landscape! Nevertheless, another speedier option is sleigh riding. Hereby you can decide for yourself if you will do it the traditional way on one of the sled runs or book a special tour with sled dogs for an extra unique experience.

Take a break from day-to-day life in Winter Wonderland! The romantic landscape with its mountains, forests, and lakes will inspire you. Therefore, all facets possible are covered to make the next winter trip an unforgettable experience according to your individual wishes!


Work Hard, Eat Harder – Innsbruck as Metropolis for Fitness and Cuisine!

Nevertheless, Innsbruck is an attractive location during the summer months as well. Sports enthusiasts will be amazed by the versatility of the Tyrolean region. The many cycle tracks invite to extended tours through nature and there are lots of attractive destinations for them like one of the beautiful lakes to cool down or restaurants serving the typical country’s cuisine for gathering strength again after the energy-sapping activity.


Try one of the delicious sweet specialties like Kaiserschmarrn, Palatschinken or Germknödel. However, there are also exquisite savory dishes, especially the ones with game are highly recommended. Austria is also known for simple regional products like ham and cheese, that are of very high quality. Besides, of course, mountain bike fans can use the beautiful mountainous region around Innsbruck as well, during their more adventurous cycling trips.


A relaxed picnic as a little break can give new energy and time to enjoy the landscape to the full. This may also be an attractive option for hiking during the warmer months!

Nevertheless, if this is too unspectacular for you, there are also offers for special interesting theme hikes for every age. On top, you can borrow or buy a lot of sports equipment on site, so you do not have to worry about too much luggage or spontaneous plan amendments. There is nothing in the way for the perfect solo trip, family or couple vacation!


Relax and Take it Easy! – Innsbruck’s Region is an Island of Tranquillity

On top of that, the area around Innsbruck is home to some of the most beautiful places in Austria, nature parks, and picturesque villages, where you can admire nature in its untouched state and relax in a calm environment. These are two other options for enjoying the pleasure of quietness and peace around the city.

Furthermore, swimming, sailing, and boating are of course other popular kinds of sports that can be done in Innsbruck thanks to the numerous large lakes.

The combination of the lively city with its cultural offerings and the versatile territory around it is unique and gives so many opportunities to experience the perfect vacation. Normally, you have to decide between a sport, romantic, or cultural trip. However, when going to Innsbruck you can have it all! So, you better plan a longer stay to not miss out on something and make use of all the great opportunities.