8 Meaningful Long Weekend Staycation Ideas for Couples

Glamping and stargazing go hand in hand – Staycations for couples

These meaningful long weekend staycation ideas for couples are perfect for whenever you need a low key way to spend quality time. With flights grounded around the world, millions have had to cancel vacations, postpone weddings, spend unplanned time apart or spend 24/7 at home together. Staycations are a fantastic way to reconnect at the best of times. Now, it’s an even more valuable strategy to enrich, deepen, and enjoy your relationship. 

1. Reminisce together

Music has a powerful ability to evoke memories. It can help you to relive what you were doing, seeing and feeling at the time, and therefore experience some of that buzz again.

I’ve organized my music library into playlists categorized by date. So, when I play my ‘Zadar 2019’ playlist, it takes my partner and I back to the feelings and memories we shared when we lived in Zadar, Croatia for a year. 

Try spending a cozy evening together sharing music that reminds you both of happy times together. You can also share older songs. For example, songs from your childhood, songs that your Dad always used to play, or the song that was playing when something significant happened.

Another great option is going through old home videos or photo albums together. It’s a meaningful way to connect and learn more about each other.

2. Plan your next vacay

One of the most exciting parts of traveling is the planning stage. I adore researching our next destination by reading blog posts, watching videos, looking for flights, and just exploring all the possibilities. 

Getting excited about where you’re going and finding out about locations and activities that are off the beaten path is imperative to making the most of your time when you’re abroad. 

Even though you can’t travel now, you and your loved one can spend cozy evenings on the couch watching vlogs, documentaries, or movies about the destination(s) you dream of visiting together in the future. 

Spend quality time together getting excited about a future trip by reading a book based in that location to each other, describing your bucket lists or pouring over maps, and seeing what itinerary fills both of you with anticipation.

3. Support local

As restrictions ease, supporting your local area is a great way to both boost the local economy, and get out and about without spending a lot of money and time traveling. 

Take a weekend to book a local Airbnb or hotel and rediscover your hometown with fresh eyes. Go out for brunch or dinner at your favorite eatery. Visit museums and art galleries to learn more about the culture and history of where you’re living.

Having different kinds of date nights is also a great way to connect with each other and support the local economy – a good and eco-friendly lifestyle habit!. Research what kind of evening classes are available in your area. Perhaps you could take a barista class together, or learn a language together. You never know what opportunities are available to you until you look!

I had an epiphany when I was about 16 years old. I was in Wanaka, New Zealand, and feeling frustrated that I didn’t have the money to travel overseas yet. I saw a bunch of young European hitchhikers and realized that I was already lucky enough to be living somewhere that people all over the world dream about visiting. Wherever you’re based in the world, remember that someone else would love to be exploring where you are right now. Maybe it’s time to travel in your own country!

4. Pamper each other

Why wait until you’re overseas before treating yourselves to a spa day? Often we go without while we’re at home to save for the next milestone, but that doesn’t mean you have to go completely without while you’re still at home. Besides, at the moment everyone deserves some extra TLC!

Pampering doesn’t necessarily have to mean the conventional way of doing it. Whatever makes you and your loved one feel cherished and loved is what counts. Perhaps you could put on great music and spend the evening dancing together. 

If you’re not already familiar with the five love languages; physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, and acts of service, take the quiz to find out which ones are most meaningful for both you and your loved one. This is a great way to know exactly what kind of activity will make you both feel truly pampered!

Love language-specific pampering ideas include massage, a handwritten letter, a walk in nature, a surprise gift, and helping out with something tricky or annoying.

Why not start designing a monogram to leave your loved one a little handwritten note with a unique monogram design? or perhaps getting ready to relax and unwind with a soothing bath?

5. Go for a hike

We all need time out in nature to destress and get some fresh air. Going for walks, hikes, bike rides, and jogs with your partner is a free and healthy way to connect.  

I learned an interesting fact about men recently, when discussing something of importance they prefer to be side by side, instead of facing the person they’re talking to. This psychological quirk has its roots in our ancient hunter-gatherer days when men went out together to hunt. They would talk while they were walking alongside each other, whereas women would connect by sitting together face to face. 

I don’t remember exactly where I heard this, so take it with a grain of salt, but if you sometimes struggle to talk openly and deeply with each other, this is a valuable strategy to keep in mind.

6. Read to each other

When my partner and I were living in Thailand, we had a hammock on our balcony. One of our favorite past-times was lying in the hammock and taking turns reading to each other. You can use this activity as an alternative to watching TV during your staycation, as in general, we all could do with a break from it 😉

If you were read to as a child, you’ll likely also find this to be a deeply calming experience where you can let go of thoughts and just be present listening to your loved one tell you a story. While the hammock did make it extra relaxing, it’s certainly not a requirement! Simply aim to create a hygge environment that is soothing and easy to relax in. 

The book itself can be anything you desire, although naturally, it helps if it’s genre is something you both enjoy. If you have super different tastes, then take turns picking out the book. 

One idea that I would love to do in my relationship is to read our favorite childhood books to each other. I’d pick out Roald Dahl, Edith Blyton, and Harry Potter, and would love to discover Norwegian myths and fantasy novels through my partner, albeit translated into English 😉 

7. Sleep under the stars

Sleeping under the stars is probably one of the most romantic activities you can do, in my opinion. If committing to the whole night is a bit too much, you can simply spend an hour or two snuggled up in your backyard watching the night sky together. 

With the weather warming in the Northern Hemisphere, I encourage you to take advantage of this old-school way to connect. Just imagine lying side by side with a cool breeze occasionally rustling through the trees on a balmy night. Bliss!

If either of you knows anything about astronomy, consider it a bonus. Simply taking in the night sky in all its grandeur is a great way to find peace and reframe your problems in light of the massive expansive universe that we’re living in. I find it comforting to think of my partner and me as two little beings experiencing life together in the midst of it all. Hands down, one of the best staycation ideas for couples ever!

8. Redecorate part of the house

Working on the house or garden together is a gift that keeps on giving. As most couples spend the majority of their time together at home, it makes sense to invest time in making your shared home as tailored to your individual needs as you can. 

Even if you’re renting, there are great DIY projects you can do together to make your house, apartment, flat or bungalow feel more like home. Simple home decor touches make all the difference. 

Spend some time getting inspired by watching home decorating vlogs, scrolling Pinterest, or simply chatting about what projects you both want to prioritize. Then all you need to do is create a plan, and get your hands on the necessary equipment so you’re ready to spend your staycation productively.

Thank you!

I hope these 8 staycation ideas for couples have piqued your curiosity and helped inspire you to take advantage of the time you have at home together. Even if you both love to travel and bond over shared adventures on the road, these long weekend staycation ideas are sure to enrich and deepen your relationship from the comfort of your own home.

How do you and your loved one staycation?

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