7 Unique Experiences In Western Australia You Should Try Soon

Unique Experiences In Western Australia You Should Try Soon – A World to Travel

Most people head to Australia to visit the cities as cosmopolitan as Sydney, as metropolitan as Melbourne and beaches as stunning as those on the Gold Coast. It’s a long trip and you need to make sure it’s worth your while to visit. Western Australia is somewhere that is often underrated in favor of Sydney or the Gold Coast but it’s one place in the world that absolutely should be on your travel bucket list.

If you have wandered the world in search of beach serenity and cultural experience, you should aim your shoes toward the Western Australia shores.

A third of the country is covered by bushland and hot desert and it’s more than enough to fill the wanderlust of all holidaymakers and travelers. Relax here, adventure here, surf the waves and get close to the marine life. Western Australia has so much to offer and you may not need one reason to visit, but we can give you seven.

1. Swimming in Coral Coast

Most people head to the Great Barrier Reef in search of being one with the fishes but the show-stopper Coral Coast has more than enough to offer. Swim out to Ningaloo Reef from Coral Bay and watch the marine life frolic. If you want something a little bigger, heading out to Western Australia from April to June will give you the chance to see whale sharks. June to November sees humpback whales in the waves and January to March is the right season to witness the great hatching of turtles!

2. Exploring Wonky Waterfalls


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We all know that most waterfalls are a spectacular, calming sight. Watching the waterfall at speed down into huge pools to be able to swim in is just amazing. But look to Kimberley’s Horizontal Falls. The tides build up so fast that they have to squeeze through a tiny gap in the canyon within the McLarty Range. This means the waterfalls sideways instead of straight down which is just stunning. You can get here from Derby or Broome on a day excursion and it’s one to make sure you see.

3. Geelong

Geelong has many attractions including waterfront dining, funky breweries, cellar doors as well as brunch options galore. As a gateway to the Bellarine Peninsula, you may also choose to visit one of the many pristine beaches with world-class surf and gentles bays on offer for the littlies. Close to Geelong’s center is major shopping outlets as well as the historic waterfront that boasts a vintage 19th-century carousel, local artwork, and famous art deco boardwalk.

Children and families will also enjoy attractions such as at the National Wool Museum, Adventure Park (water and theme park) and the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Amaze’N Games with Australia’s largest timber maze, mini golf, and onsite café is also a 25-minute drive from the Geelong city center. Accommodation from camping to 5 stars can be found in and around the area.

4. Uncovering Western Australia’s Beautiful Beaches

From the bright white sand of Lucky Bay to the stunning Sorrento Beach, Western Australia offers so much in the shoreline. The water is warm, the sand soft and the cafés and pubs that line the oceanfront are ready with a smile. Stunning accommodation such as what you would find at Sorrento Beach faces the ocean so when you wake up in the morning you can take a stroll along the sand when the sunshine is not as strong. There’s nothing like enjoying beach activities in the sun and Western Australia doesn’t disappoint.

5. Adventuring to Jewel Cave


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Caving is an experience for adventurers but if you head to Augusta, you’ll find the largest show cave in the region. With three huge underground chambers, you can marvel at natures intricate helictites and stalactites that sit like vines threading through the cave. You can take an educational guided tour to understand the history behind natures beautiful works of art.

6. Becoming a Wine Lover

You won’t have a complete holiday without a little luxury wining and dining and the Swan Valley wine region, that’s what you get. You can take yourselves shopping at local boutiques and take in some of the histories of the area while you taste the wines. Try out the cheeses and the chocolate that simply melts in the mouth while you enjoy a fine bottle of Sauvignon Blanc – the wine of the region.

7. Snorkeling in Shark Bay

1500 kilometers of a bay that is home to so many different, rare marine species deserve a mention as to why you should be visiting here. The dugong population is prevalent here and you can watch them thrive in the bay. Across the water, you will find Monkey Mia, which is home to wild dolphins despite its name. Shark Bay is the perfect spot to snorkel and get down under with the turquoise waters.

Your visit to Western Australia doesn’t stop with this list, these are just the favorite places for most people. There is so much more to see and do and despite the long and exhausting flight, it’s so worth it when you touch down. You’ll be drinking in your surroundings and enjoying the stories from the folks in the local pubs while you sip ice cold beer over the ocean. Western Australia has everything you could wish for in spades, so make a point of paying a visit and exploring at some point in life. You’ll never regret it!