How Many Days Should You Spend Visiting Zanzibar?

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Are you wondering how many days in Zanzibar is enough?

When planning your vacation, one thing to consider is how many days you should spend there. You don’t want it to be too short and also you don’t want to be bored either.

When it comes to Zanzibar, if you are a beach lover, and you want to enjoy the white powdery beaches, and at the same time explore the island a bit, you need 7 days. If you are only interested in the culture and nature and want to do some activities, then 4 days would be enough.

However, coming to Zanzibar and not enjoying the beach life is like not even going to Zanzibar. Therefore, if you want to relax on the beach, do some activities, get to know the life of locals, and see some historical and cultural sites, I recommend spending a minimum of 7 days in Zanzibar.

How Many Days In Zanzibar Is Enough?

So how many days in Zanzibar would be enough? I will provide you with information about the island and activities that can be done here and you can decide for yourself what is interesting for you and calculate the days accordingly. Before we jump to days, first things first.

Safety in Zanzibar

Before you decide to come to Zanzibar, I’m sure your first question is whether Zanzibar is safe for tourists. Zanzibar is definitely safe. There are a few important factors that you need to consider as with any other country. By the way, here’s an article on the safest countries in Africa you might want to read.

When you are going to the city center or villages, dress conservatively as most of the population in Zanzibar are Muslim. With that said, do not drink alcohol on the streets.

Walking at night is not safe, so always take a taxi if you have to go somewhere.

There is malaria present on the island, so bring mosquito repellent for the evening and if you are coming during the rainy season.

Where to stay in Zanzibar

It is also important to know where to stay in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is not a very big island, so wherever you stay, you will not be disappointed and can move around the island easily.

However, the North coast has the most beautiful beaches, it is more busy with tourists and more expensive. The Northeast coast or even Southeast coast is the best location for beaches and you will also find cheaper accommodation there.

Here are some options for the best hotels in Zanzibar.

The best time to visit Zanzibar

The good news is that Zanzibar is a whole-year destination. However, there are short and long rainy seasons in Zanzibar. The short one is During November and December, when you can experience a few minutes of the shower and then the sun is back out. The long rainy season is from March until May. It can rain for one hour and after that is sunny again. It may not rain at all. You never know.

How to get to Zanzibar

Depending on where are you flying from, you may get direct flights to Zanzibar. Alternatively, you can fly to Tanzania-Dar Es Salam where you can go on safari, and from Dar Es Salam you can either take a 15-minute flight or take a ferry to Zanzibar.

Also if you are planning to go to Kenya, you can get a flight from Kenya to Zanzibar as well.

Day 1 on Zanzibar

If your main reason for coming to Zanzibar was the beaches, then when you arrive on the first day, take a taxi or transfer to go to your hotel. It is good to have booked the transfer in advance. Some hotels arrange it for their guests.

Otherwise, taxi drivers are waiting for tourists and offering the service. Make sure you negotiate the price first.

Alternatively, you can stay in Stone Town where you arrive, as it is part of Zanzibar city. You can find a hotel here and stay for two days to explore the town.

Day 2 on Zanzibar

Usually, after arrival, you feel tired and the only thing you want to do is relax on the beach. Take your time to gain energy, swim, sunbathe, explore the seastars, walk along the stunning white beach with crystal clear water, enjoy your food and drinks, and have a massage.

Some hotels provide free yoga, gym, and other amenities and activities.

Day 3 on Zanzibar

After you have gained your energy on the first day, you can go and explore the island. If you didn’t stay in Stone Town on your first days, then go and take an organized tour of the city. Stone Town, one of the 30 must-see destinations in Africa, is a listed Unesco World Heritage Site and there are many historical and cultural sites to see.

The tours take tourists to see the Old Forth, House of Wonders, old Turkish Bath, and Anglican Church where slaves were kept underground. Just a warning that this place may not be for everyone. For me, it was very touching.

You will also see the house of Freddy Mercury, singer of the band Queen who was born in Zanzibar. You will also explore bazaars where you can buy some nice souvenirs from your holiday.

Depending on the tour, the Spice tour may be included with this tour or can be separate. I do recommend going for the Spice tour.

You will walk through the plantation and see how many of the spices and fruits grow and you can also buy some for home and support the local farmers.

Day 4 on Zanzibar

Let’s have another beach and ocean day. If you want to explore the underwater life of the Indian Ocean, take a snorkeling tour and enjoy the lovely experience together with sunbathing and some food.

In the evening you can take a traditional dow cruise during sunset. What a romantic part of your holiday or honeymoon.

Day 5 on Zanzibar

Do you love tortoises? If so, then take a trip to Prison Island where there is a sanctuary for endangered Aldabra tortoises.

The prison Island was originally supposed to be a place for prisoners, but it took a long time to build so it never happened to be a prison.

Day 6 & 7 on Zanzibar

If these are your last days, you may want to spend them relaxing on the beach, or you can explore other beaches on the island.

If you wish, you can still go for a tour and a lunch or drink. There is Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park where you can see the red Columbus Monkeys and other species. After that, you can visit the famous Rock restaurant and have a lunch or drink.

On the last day before your flight, I would recommend spending it on the beach and hotel area to relax and memorize this paradise island.

Conclusion: How Many Days In Zanzibar Is Enough

Here you have an example of how to spend 7 days in Zanzibar. Of course, you can accommodate it to your preferences. If you are coming for a honeymoon or wedding you may want to spend more time on the beach, or just shorten your trip without exploring the island. In any way, staying between 4 to 7 or even 10 days is an ideal time and you will enjoy this piece of paradise.