Top Reasons Why You Should Consider UK As Your Next Holiday Destination

Sunrise at Stonehenge – Top Reasons Why You Should Consider UK As Your Next Holiday Destination – A World to Travel

When considering where to visit in Europe, one place which should be on your radar is the United Kingdom. It’s a hugely popular country to visit as there is so much to see and do in England, Scotland, and Wales. Therefore, you can have an amazing adventure while staying in the UK. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider the UK as your next holiday destination.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider UK As Your Next Holiday Destination - A World to Travel

It is full of historic landmarks such as Stonehenge

One great thing about visiting the UK is the array of historic landmarks that you can visit. Stonehenge is situated in the country which is named one the wonders of the world. You can also visit Buckingham Palace where the queen resides and also visit Big Ben and the Towers of London while you are in the capital. Millions of tourists flock to the country to see these top landmarks, so you should ensure you book before you go.


It has amazing theme parks such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach

A lot of people also head to the UK for their holiday so that they can enjoy some of their top-rated theme parks. Alton Towers, which is based in beautiful Staffordshire, has some of the best rides in the world including Nemesis. There is also Thorpe Park, which includes some of the top water rides in the world. Also, people go for holidays in Blackpool so that they can enjoy Blackpool Pleasure Beach which has a ton of great rides including The Big Dipper. Fans of Harry Potter can also enjoy the taste of the magic by visiting the Warner Bros studio tour.


It’s got beautiful countryside to visit such as the Cotswold

The countryside is one of the draws for tourists to visit the UK. Areas such as The Cotswolds and the Lake District offer picturesque views and wonderful cottages to stay in – visit this website to check some out -. As this article says, you will find majestic hills and rolling farmland to wander around. A lot of people stay in these areas so they can enjoy a hiking adventure in the UK. Therefore, pack your walking shoes and find somewhere amazing to stay in the countryside.


It’s got amazing nightlife in cities such as Liverpool

There are many great cities to visit in the UK which offer plenty to do during the day. But at nighttime, the cities come alive with so many bars and clubs for young people to enjoy. Cities such as Cardiff, Liverpool, and Manchester offer a fantastic nightlife that you will love. For example, in Liverpool, you can head to the Albert Dock and enjoy a drink with a waterfront view. You can then visit the trendy St Peter’s Square for a great atmosphere. You can find out more about the best nightlife in the UK in our previous blog.


It’s got delicious food and drink to try including Cornish Pasties

The food and drink are also a top reason why you should visit the UK. You will find plenty of delicious dishes to try such as the amazing Cornish Pasties in Cornwall and a traditional roast dinner in Yorkshire. The full English breakfast is also worth trying. You will find many bustling pubs across the county where you can get a pint to try.

Hopefully, these reasons will ensure you consider the UK as your next holiday destination.

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