2012 in pictures. Reviewing a year filled with travel

Brooklyn Bridge New York USA

While we were meant to be visiting and going for some tapas in Seville these days, our travel plans got twisted. As a taster, and reminder of our wandering last year, here is a bit of our 2012. Lots of posts to come.. 😀

Our 2012 in pictures

1. January

Waterfall spotting somewhere near Noia, Galicia, Spain

Galicia Spain

2. February

Visiting Rockanje and Amsterdam, Holland

Bikes in Amsterdam


3. March

Free camping at Rio Sieira, Galicia

Rio Sieira Galicia Spain


4. April

Working in the Alps. Vars Risoul, France

Risoul Vars France

5. May

Volunteering in Dalvik, Iceland

Dalvik Iceland


6. June

Hiking Enol and Ercina lakes, Spain

Enol and Ercina Lakes Spain


7. July

Working in New York, USA

Brooklyn Bridge New York USA


8. August

Partying at Paredes de Coura Festival, Portugal

Paredes de Coura Portugal


9. September

Working in the south of UK

South of UK


10. October

Studying french in Languedoc – Rousillon, France

Languedoc Roussillon France

11. November

Road tripping France and Italy. Rome.

Colosseo Rome Italy


12. December

Winter island hopping. La Valletta, Malta

La Valletta Malta

Which one of these destinations would you like to read about first?

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