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We might be looking for you!

As A World to Travel grows, we get more and more invites to amazing destinations around the globe. And as much as we would love to go on all those press trips that fit this website’s focus, sometimes that is not possible for a number of reasons. Either we are fully booked on those dates already, on the other side of the globe or perhaps we need some time off traveling to get some work done.

In any case, we have already turned down a few of them in the last two years. From Mexico to the Balkans, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, Indonesia and a few other places in between; we simply could not attend them and either we sent someone on our behalf (like Suzanne to Bodrum, Turkey and Alberto & Sonja to Phuket, Thailand) or canceled our attendance altogether.

Lately, though, the number of press trip invites we got has surpassed our wildest dreams. Especially in Spring and early Summer, when DMCs and tour operators like to promote their destinations and packages.

We are looking for writers that can take pictures or photographers that can write

Although we are a couple and when we can, we travel together, the reality is that most of the invitations we get are catered to one person. That is why we are looking for someone who can both take great pictures and write as chances are only one person is invited. And this is where you come in.

  • Do you have an eye for photography? And an online portfolio where we can see your artwork? Bonus points if you are a drone pilot and/or you make films!
  • Can you write? Like in putting together articles of 2000+ words that make sense and people actually want to read? Again, bonus points if you know how SEO works and run a blog or website where we can actually enjoy some of your writings.
  • Are you active on Social Media? Do your postings there get a great engagement?
  • Are you responsible enough to take this opportunity from a professional point of view, take part in every activity of the itinerary, jot down some notes during the trip, shoot a few cool pictures to bring your articles to life later on, and deliver your articles in due time?
  • Would you like to travel to places for free in exchange for your articles, pictures and social media updates about the destinations you are visiting?
  • Are you based in Europe, SE Asia or North America?
  • Are you available in the upcoming months?

Then go on reading. You could soon be joining our team!

Helicopter ride over Helsinki, Finland, in winter.

Benefits and duties you might expect if you get picked

This is what you get:

  • Free travel. Most times than not, almost everything will be complimentary. But sometimes flights, meals or activities might not be in the combo. In any case, although we used the word ‘free’, all you get is in exchange for your work. Unfortunately, at this stage, we are in no place of paying anyone for this (nor we are getting paid for sending anyone anywhere yet) so please only apply if you are ok with this.
  • Exposure. If you are a blogger, a link to your site from your articles published on A World to Travel and something else to add to your online portfolio. On the other hand, if we publish any of your work (mainly images) on our Social Media networks you will be tagged as the photographer. Again, we are aware ‘exposure’ might be a horrible word and that freelancers and creatives are offered many times to be paid in exposure. This is not the case. For more info, return to the previous point.
  • Content for your own website and social media networks. After publishing the blog posts and social media updates on A World to Travel, you are free to create different and non-competitive content for your own channels.
  • Experience. Take it as if it was a travel internship. If you are starting your travel blog or want to put your foot on the press trips door, you will love it!

And this is what it is expected from you:

  • You are an easy-going person. No one likes to be around divas or people complaining or asking for trivial things all the time. And traveling can be exhausting sometimes, especially during press trips when itineraries usually cram lots of experiences and visits in a time span of a few days. This is an important one so please assess now if you enjoy meeting new people, being easy and if people are happy to have around. These trips are usually group trips and a good coexistence is vital for the good development of the trip.
  • You enjoy learning and love to have fun. You are curious, always ready to test something new, do not get tired easily and enjoy the simplest things in life.
  • You are a responsible person that is always on time, does not miss an activity of the itinerary unless there is a big and documented reason for doing so, does not get drunk or high at night as the next day the trip will continue early in the morning, and is respectful with everything and everyone.
  • Flexibility is among your favorite words. Both before the trip ( sometimes invites come last-minute so this is not an opportunity for someone holding a full-time job already ), during the trip ( travel does not always go as planned ) and after the trip ( changes might be needed to your write-ups or photography edits ), being flexible is key.
  • You are a native English speaker or at least someone with a high skill of the language. And you like to write. You are curious, detailed and meticulous. You carry a notebook with you and write down everything that catches your attention so you can remember it when you finally write your article. You’re a writer!
  • You can really take great pictures. And have your own equipment for doing so. The last DLSR in the market is not needed nor expensive equipment and gadgets. However, a good camera will indeed help.
  • You get A World to Travel’s tone. You have read a few articles here and there and are ready to produce something similar. We encourage you to use your own voice but you need to be aware of ours too.
  • You agree to deliver the discussed blog posts, visual content and social media updates within a period TBD on a case by case basis.
  • You agree to send an article before the trip on a destination of your choice. We can work around it (in last-minute invites, this is of course not required), but this is a must especially for those that do not have lots of work online. We need to show the DMO or company inviting us that you are able to do what it takes!
  • You are based in Europe, SE Asia o North America. These are the world regions we get the most invites for.

How to make it happen? Apply now

Please send us an email to aworldtotravel@gmail.com with the subject ‘I want to write+take pictures for A World to Travel!’ and include the following:

  • A brief personal intro on who you are, where are you based and if you have any trips scheduled in the upcoming six months.
  • At least two links to some of your online work plus your Instagram, Behance or other visual platform accounts.
  • Why do you want to be a writer+photographer for A World to Travel?
  • What makes you stand out and why should we pick you?
  • Which article would you like to write before going on your first trip in case that’s needed? Please send us at least three different headlines and some info on what you’d be writing about.

We will be contacting all the successful applicants as soon as there is a good trip match.

Good luck!

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