Why You Should Definitely Visit Malta in Winter

Paceville at night

Forget all the fuss, you have arrived at Malta in winter!

If there is a way to visit Mediterranean islands we love, that would be avoiding high season. Good weather (although it might get a bit rainy sometimes), really cheap prices and accessible locals do the trick. These factors will make you taste dream destinations while being actually able to breathe and without that awful rip-off feeling you experience sometimes being part of the crowd.

Street colors Valletta Malta


A few years ago, I decided to visit Malta in December for a short 3-day stay.

Controversial Ryanair allowed me to fly from Marseille, France, for a few bucks and massively cheap hotel nights (average of 10€ per night) did the rest. I ended up paying around 25€ per day and enjoying 3 and 4-star hotels with complimentary breakfast (once even a welcome cocktail!).

On the other hand, Arriva buses took me everywhere in Malta for as low as 2,6€ daily and I hitchhiked my way in Gozo, the northern island easily after taking the ferry (less than 5€ return, payable on your way back to Malta). Add up some food and you will end up choosing it over staying home!

Christmas decorations at La Valletta


I would lie if I did not tell you about the stormy weather and crazy winds I particularly enjoyed half of my time there. Semi-crowded main avenue at la Valletta (dressed up for Christmas and NYE Celebrations) became highly picture-worthy when light reflections multiplied colors after some showers.

Truly bilingual (Maltese and English are both official languages), there are also many expat European seniors who have discovered the all year round benefits of the islands.

Gozo coast



  • La Valletta (10 minutes far from the airport, reachable by bus), the three fortified cities and Mdina Rabat (ancient capital).
  • Touring around the island just to stop every few minutes to admire the natural beauty of its coastal trail.
  • Unesco ancient sites and hypogeum, mainly in the south part of Malta.
  • Gozo, its Azure window (eroded rock formation) and historic citadel at Mdina. 2017’s update. Azure window used to be one of the most famous places to visit in Malta. Unfortunately, it collapsed no long ago and although the spot where it was located is still looking gorgeous by the sea, the big rock arch is no longer there.
  • Comino and its turquoise Blue Lagoon (even from the plane looks like paradise!)


  • Fleece, rain jacket, a good pair of waterproof shoes and sandals for the indoor pools! Although you don’t really need to be very brave to jump in the Mediterranean sea of Malta in the Winter. Water temperatures aren’t that bad!
  • Swimsuit, sunglasses, and sunblock. Are you going to miss the once in a lifetime beach plunge in December? ;)
  • Some dress up clothes if you are planning to check out Sliema’s well known Paceville on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • Everything else you might need. Check this essential packing list for Malta in Wintertime – and any other destination really – and don’t forget anything.
  • Laid back spirit. You are on a Mediterranean island!

Citadel at Mdina Gozo


Have you been to Malta during Winter? How about Malta in December? How did you like it?




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  1. Andrew Busuttil

    Thank you for mentioning the fact that the Azure Window is no longer visable from land, but I would like to let everyone know that it is now a highly popular diving site, just metres away from one of the best diving sites in the world (The Blue Hole in Gozo).

  2. Mohit

    Hiya – is the weather good enough for infant? I have a 1 year old daughter but just a little skeptical whether it would be harsh for her? Thanks.

    • Inma

      There should not be any problem. It can be a bit too windy in the boat between Gozo and Malta and also in some spots along the coast, so definitely do not risk taking selfies on top of a rock by the sea and take it easy on the boat as well (now I remember the ship’s floor was slippery so pack rubber sole shoes!). Otherwise, a warm jacket and a raincoat will keep you both ready to enjoy all kinds of weather! Enjoy

  3. patrick

    I loved Malta in winter: not many tourists, incredible blue skies, bright colours and lots of history and nature to enjoy!

    • Inma

      That’s the magic of Malta. Even when it looks cold, it is not as cold as any other European place :D Thanks for your comment!

  4. Jimmy Chong

    I love Malta, my favorite place is Comino and the Blue Lagoon, i’d so live on that island if I could!!!

  5. agremon

    Your words are great! and, in your photos, Malta look so pretty … I’ve feel a good taste and took enough info for a travel.

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