Why You Should Consider Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip

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Whenever you travel, it’s best to ensure that you’re protected no matter the circumstances. There are many different ways to do this, including researching your destination and following tips from other travelers. But another way is with travel insurance.

What Travel Insurance Is Good For

Travelers should always invest in travel insurance—just in case.

It actually has many more uses than you might expect. The most obvious are to cover an unexpected emergency. Even something as simple as cycling down a mountainside can result in a fall. Travel insurance will help you get medical attention whether you are partaking in extreme sports or get in an accident. Of course, it all depends on your plan, but you can protect yourself from most situations if you so choose.

Aside from medical emergencies, travel insurance can cover other travel-related crises like plane or bus crashes, mandatory evacuations due to weather or an emergency and sometimes even delays.

But, outside of emergency situations, travel insurance can be beneficial as well. Whether your flight gets canceled or your luggage is missing, you may be reimbursed for travel-related losses.

Research the types of insurance before you leave on your trip. Travelers can typically purchase trip insurance up until the departure date so, as long as you’re not en route, it’s not too late. From trip cancellation coverage to emergency medical and evacuation coverage, there is something for every aspect of your traveling needs.

But It May Not Cover Everything

There are still a few things you need to know about travel insurance. There are a few major limitations that will affect your coverage across the world.

Some major exclusions include things like extreme sports or adventurous excursions. While travelers can purchase plans specifically for these types of activities, they are not part of most travel insurance plans. Another important thing to note is that injuries resulting from substance use are often not covered—so don’t drink and drive (or hike, or bike).

Various insurance policies may not cover some specific travel destinations as well. Those headed somewhere that is dangerous or under a travel advisory may not be able to get coverage. This can be the result of common occurrences within the country, like regular kidnappings or political conflicts.

Finally, policies may not cover pre-existing conditions. While this rings true for physical medical conditions or diagnoses, it may also be true for mental illnesses.

Why You’ll Want to Make Sure to Purchase Travel Insurance

There are plenty of reasons to consider purchasing travel insurance for your next vacation. But the main reason is for safety. Injuries in other countries are never a good thing so you’ll want to have insurance to avoid paying large bills. Having travel insurance will also ensure that doctors will be willing to treat you, even if you’re from overseas.

Aside from safety, think of travel insurance as the perfect backup system. You won’t have to throw money down the drain if flights are canceled and you miss an important event, a hurricane occurs wherever you’re traveling or your bags are lost. Instead, the policy will offer reimbursements for travel costs or the items’ worth.