Here’s Why We Will Come Back To Ibiza Soon: Santa Eulalia

Why We Will Come Back To Ibiza Soon – Santa Eulalia – A World to Travel

Ever since we visited the island back in 2008, we have longed to come back to Ibiza.

It was Winter, an unlikely season to visit this well-known party island for a couple on their mid-twenties. Well, we could not be more right with our choice and during those joyful days we took in all the landscape awesomeness we could.

How we fell for Ibiza

With a rented car, we road tripped our way around Ibiza just to stop every few minutes to admire yet one more stunning beach at sunset, have a feast facing Es Vedrá or getting lost in another tiny village only inhabited by its locals in the so-called low-season.

We had the island to ourselves.

It hailed while we were having a night cap on our apartment’s terrace past midnight, the sun said hi in many occasions to lighten up our pictures and we had more fun in those few days than in months. Simply chilling and uncovering some of the island jewels at our own pace.

Nine years have gone by. Now in our mid-thirties, we are still sharing this mind blowing life. In love with all those Ibiza memories that keep coming back. Hearing how the island calls our names day in day out. Aware that there are lots of things to do, see, experience, taste and have fun with waiting for our comeback.

So many that we simply could not pass on this chance of being able to go back to the place where we once were so happy.

Uncovering Santa Eulalia des Riu

Today we want to take you to Santa Eulalia, a coastal town on the North East coast of Ibiza, that would become our base for a few days if this post means anything to the jury of Bloggin’ Santa Eulalia contest.

Here are the 12 reasons why we cannot wait to explore Santa Eulalia next Summer

1. Beginning our jaunt with the right foot

Arriving at Santa Eulalia by ferry from the mainland is a superb way to start our second visit to Ibiza. Boats are always fun and one of our favorite means of transportation as the journey matters too.


2. Getting familiar with Santa Eulalia

Have you ever thought about the kind of relationship you get to develop with some places? The one that keeps you coming back? Well, that is what we are talking about here. Away from the main busy areas, Santa Eulalia seems like a municipality where one can really take some time off and savor life gently, a place we would love to move in if we were to look for a base, a dream town.

A picture we snapped before landing back in 2008. There you go Santa Eulalia, we have already been watching you closely for a while!


3. Reconnecting

We love small boutique hotels and locally run countryside homestays. They usually become an excellent way to channel your inner self and the perfect base for our adventures. Great news, there are a few of them in Santa Eulalia.

Picture waking up to a Mediterranean hygge home for a few days. No wool socks are needed, as you leave the smooth white bed sheets you can walk barefoot straight to the garden or terrace where freshly squeezed juice and home-baked breakfast are waiting for you. And right there, surrounded by your people, you can start planning your day, pampering yourself.


4. Walking through Santa Eulalia’s streets

There’s something magical about well-preserved towns. And here it seems like a good job has been done so we can still enjoy the same feeling the first inhabitants had when they decided to start populating the area. White buildings that, instead of standing out, create a beautiful compound where life happens. Small businesses, street markets, festivities and people from all walks of life and ages get together. A pleasant town.


5. Tasting Santa Eulalia’s delicacies

Fish, meats, sausages, sweets, cheeses, wines and unique herbs are waiting for all the food lovers out there. Hopefully for us too!


6. Getting ready for some serious action fun!

Exploring the surroundings on a Vespa or by bike is possible and it would be indeed one of the highlights of our trip!


7. Getting to know some inspiring locals

As eye candy lovers, we are pretty curious about the creative side of Santa Eulalia and all the artists and craftsmen that have shaped the town for decades.


8. Falling for scuba diving once again

How can I explain this with words?

We are simply happier underwater after getting our scuba diving basic certifications in Koh Tao, Thailand, three years back.

And it looks like there are lots of good diving spots nearby as Ses Salines Nature Park and Es Freus Marine Reserve both Unesco recognized. But there is more. Like ‘Don Pedro’, a shipwreck less near D’en Bossa beach, the so-called Cathedral air-filled cave in Cala Llonga and ‘La Seca de Santa Eulalia’ that features two sunken lighthouses.


9. Chilling in one of its ‘calas’

With over twenty different calas – beaches – Santa Eulalia truly has something for everyone. Check for instance S’Aigua Blanca seascapes at low tidethe traditional fishing boats of Canal d’en Martí, the serene beauty of Cala Llonga and Es Canar, the turquoise waters of Cala Llenya and Cala Boix’s peacefulness.


10. Toasting to life

Because we only get to live once but if you live well, once is enough.
Every sunrise or sunset we get to catch gets us fully charged. We are sure it happens to you too.


11. Attending some live music acts

In the warmer months, Santa Eulalia seems to morph. Live music and concerts take place in different spots for locals and visitors.

And well, if you haven’t been around here a lot, here is a fact: Live music is yet another passion of ours. It makes us alive and set us in a good mood for days. So there you go, this is the eleven reason we will come back to Ibiza soon.


12. Enjoying its striking natural beauty

It’s all about nature.

It always has been really.

Whenever we get close to the mother earth, we feel renewed. Luckily, Santa Eulalia and Ibiza have no shortage of stunning landscapes to explore.


And there you go. Thanks for reading us and while keeping your fingers crossed with us, continue browsing other unique travel stories.

Hope to be able to bring much more Santa Eulalia your way soon!

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    I love it there! My friend lives in Santa Eulalia and got married on the beach – it was beautiful!

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