Here’s Why I Will Come Back To Iceland Soon.


A month to experience Iceland, a country where less than half a million people live should be enough, right?

How WRONG I was.

In this land, carved by extreme weather, well-defined seasons, and tons of natural landmarks where to get lost, my five weeks were nothing but an introduction, an appetizer to come back again, revisiting all the places that took my breath away and continue exploring new ones.

Three years and a half have already passed since I said goodbye to my – still unbeaten – favorite country in the world, and I have craved it almost every day since then.

It is about time that I pack my stuff and head North again, and when that happens this is what I don’t want to miss this time around.


1. Arrive at Seyðisfjörður by ferry from the Faroe Islands

Having previously enjoyed the lava fields around Keflavik airport, getting to the East coast this time makes a lot of sense! Plus, the Faroe Islands are included in the combo as well!

2. Dance to Iceland Airwaves tunes.

Because I know how fun Reykjavík is. Add some music gigs and there you go!

3. Be surrounded by the Northern Lights


Isn’t Mt Kirkjufell in Grundarfjordur stunning?

After being fooled by a Umeå light show last year, I want to see the ‘Aurora Borealis’ more than ever! On top of this, Iceland seems to be a great place to do so along with other Nordic countries. And then there are all those final announcements every Winter telling us that the current year is the best to witness the Northern Lights.

4. Shoot (pictures) till I drop in an Icelandic ice cave.

Glacier caving in Vatnajökull Glacier, because of this:


5. Get a helicopter ride over Iceland.


Vivid memories of the patterns and colors of this country from the air as I was leaving still come to my mind. Unluckily, the plane quickly reaches heights where you no longer can appreciate this.

Landing on a glacier-like Þórisjökull, only accessible by helicopter is something I can’t stop dreaming about!

6. Hiking around Landmannalaugar and Mt. Hekla


Only doable during the Summer months, you need a 4 wheeler to reach these colorful mountains in the South lowlands. Once there, trekking and camping for a few days sound like a plan!

7. Continue exploring the Westfjords


The westernmost part of not only Iceland but also Europe,  the Westfjords is like a little country within the country. Far from the ‘busy’ (if something, Iceland is never busy) Ring Road and with some unpaved roads, I was based in there for two weeks. More precisely, it was Djupavik, a small town with just 2 inhabitants and a dog – Freja – my home away from home and I can’t wait to go back and spend a few days with Eva, her husband, and the dog to continue uncovering all the hidden jewels around.

8. Scuba Diving in Silfra

A natural wonder, the Silfra rift in the Unesco recognized Thingvellir national park, is something that can be explored underwater. Must do!

9. Test my snowmobile skills in Sólheimajökull Glacier

And get that super famous shot of the nearby plane wreck, which by the way, in a time without Instagram I wasn’t even aware of its existence back then!

10. Glacier trekking

Exciting and, at the same time, it scares the hell out of me thinking that the ice can collapse anytime and I can disappear forever among huge icebergs. Let’s see what I do once I am there again.

11. Play tourist in The Blue Lagoon


12. Get to know every significant waterfall


I can’t believe I didn’t make it to the one pictured here by National Geographic, Litlanesfoss, for instance.

13. Drive the Ring Road again

This time clockwise, taking as much time as it is needed and stopping everywhere I feel.

Probably every 2km.


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  1. Gemma Two Scots (@TwoScotsAbroad)

    Aw man, here was me thinking one trip will satisfy my Icelandic needs! I really hope to get there in 2017, summer trip after this career break in the Americas. Team Iceland!

  2. sophierose

    Oh wow, what an adventure this will be! I went to Iceland ten years ago on girl scout camp when I was 15 and I had such a good time! Such a great country.

  3. Girl Out-of-Bounds

    I can so relate to this. I NEED more Iceland in my future because there’s still so much I want to see and do there! Although, the locals kept telling me they expect Hekla to erupt soon haha, so maybe not so much hiking around there for me.

    • Inma

      They have been saying that for ages.
      And I completely understand, the island has gone through a tremendous boost in tourism and things shouldn’t continue increasing at the pace they did in the past few years. Otherwise we will kill its beauty!

  4. Natalie

    This is an awesome list, and now I’m dreaming about traveling to Iceland even more! I would love to do all of that! I hope you can accomplish this on your next trip and I would love to see your pictures of it!

  5. Prianka | Map Halves

    I always kind of joked about going to Iceland because the capital has a cool name but lately more and more people have been going there and I am seeing incredible pictures like the ones in your post. That paired with the amazing deals from WoWair and I now I NEED to go there.

  6. Laura

    The ice cave is really fantastic. We didn’t get to do many of the things on your list because we went to Iceland in winter and it was too hard to get around, so that is why we will definitely go back to Iceland soon. There’s so much more to see!

  7. katja - globetotting

    Iceland has long been on my list of places to visit. What time of year did you visit when you first went? The country looks stunning but that ice cave? Amazing!!

    • Inma

      I went in May-June. Snow was melting, days were long and temperatures milder. Reykjavik was blooming and the rest of the country stunning as it is, with almost no tourists except for a couple of hype spots. It was MAGICAL

  8. Rifaat

    Iceland, together with New Zealand, is one of my must-visit countries in a near future…
    Will let you know then, but don’t hesitate telling me before you will be repeating!!!!

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