Experience Everything The Caribbean Has To Offer With These 9 Pieces Of Advice


I think everyone has the Caribbean on their bucket list. With stunning areas like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, it’s no wonder millions flock there every year: the picturesque beaches and delicious food make it one of the world’s favorite holiday destinations. However, a lot of people are unsure of where to go in the Caribbean. After all, the region is made up of 7000 islands.

Here are 9 pieces of advice on what you need to do in the Caribbean, so you can decide where to go next for your travels!


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Go celebrity spotting in Punta Cana

If you want a fantastic beach, you should be heading to the beautiful area of Punta Cana which is situated in the Dominican Republic. The stretch of white sand is beautiful and perfect for a day of sunbathing. And while you are relaxing, you may see a celebrity or two walking around. As we said before, it’s become a popular area for them to escape the limelight!

Several of them have a home situated in the area. Famous fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has a stunning home with an ocean view in Punta Cana. You will also spot singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira getting a tan in the beautiful resort area.

And it’s no wonder you can expect fabulous treatment at one of the many beach resorts. As well as being ideal for celebrity spotting, Punta Cana is perfect if you fancy trying windsurfing or sailing!

Go island hopping

With so much to offer at the different islands in the Caribbean, why just stop at one during your trip? You should arrange a trip where you can move between islands so you get to experience everything there is to offer. The easiest way to do this is via charter flights. You can find some cheap flights if you book with one of the local airlines.

For example, it only takes an hour to get between Barbados and Dominica. Therefore, it’s an easy trip you can do halfway through your holiday. If you don’t fancy flying, you could see more of the islands by heading on a cruise. They will stop at several islands in 14 days so that you get to experience the beautiful islands in one trip.

You can find Caribbean cruise deals online. And if you have plenty of money to spare, you could even hire a boat so that you get to experience the different islands at your convenience!

Enjoy some outdoor sports in Antigua

One popular island in the Caribbean which should be on your radar is the beautiful Antigua. It is beautiful with its picturesque villages and stunning bays. And it’s 500 beaches are stunning! It’s also ideal to visit if you fancy some outdoor sports during your travels!

Scuba diving is a must so that you get up close and personal with the beautiful marine life. You can also try windsurfing if you fancy some blood-pumping fun while enjoying the amazing views. And if you want to stay on land, horse riding is worth a go! You can even do it on the beach which is an unforgettable experience!

Therefore, Antigua needs to be on your list if you want some adventure on your travels.


Time to party at Puerto Rico

A lot of us like to party while we are on our travels. And the Caribbean is one of the best places to go to let your hair down. And one place you should head to is the beautiful area of Puerto Rico. Its capital San Juan is the perfect place to enjoy a party. It’s known for its beach bars. And the nightclubs are amazing; you will find all the party animals at clubs like the La Piazza Terrace. And old San Juan has plenty to offer for party-lovers.

You can head out into the sea on a party boat that cruises around San Juan till the early hours. And you can find many salsa bars if you want to learn some moves! And while you are in San Juan, you need to try some of their delicious food.

After all, they have some amazing curry dishes, and their iconic jerk flavor is scrumptious served with chicken! And don’t forget to try their rum which is part of the Caribbean culture. You can even go on a rum tour around San Juan! You will have some stories to tell when you get home from your travels!

Experience some real luxury in St. Lucia

So many honeymooners head to the Caribbean as they are looking for luxury. After all, it’s known for some of the most luxurious resorts in the world.

And one island you should head to if you want to experience pure luxury is the gorgeous island of St Lucia. You can find so many top five-star resorts on the island which have access to the beautiful crystal blue sea and white-sanded beaches.

As this article says, Hotel Chocolat is one of the finest luxury hotels in the area; although it will set you back at least $350! But you can expect total relaxation and incredible service if you stay at a hotel similar to this one! Wherever you stay on the island, make sure you explore the mountains and the stunning harbors of St Lucia.

Go on an island safari in Barbados

The Caribbean is known for its wide array of animals. And one place you can go to experience the beautiful wildlife is Barbados. One of the most famous islands, you can see amazing creatures here including the green monkey and the mongoose.

To get up close to the beautiful animals, you could arrange an island safari in the area. Head out on a jeep and see the most striking parts of Barbados and the amazing wildlife that is situated here. And once you have gone on a safari, you could head out on a catamaran to see all the beautiful sea life.

Explore one of the private islands

A lot of people head to the well-known islands in the Caribbean such as Barbados and Jamaica. But there are some private islands which are worth a visit at least once in your lifetime! You can visit private islands such as Jumby Bay Island and Guana Island which are both sought-after areas of paradise.

Imagine having an island for yourself and your friends and family. This is the pinnacle of luxury travel. You get the privacy and luxury you can experience nowhere else. Most of the private islands accommodate around 30 people, but you can choose to book the island exclusively for your group and have a tremendous time in your private turquoise oasis. 

The additional benefits of booking a private island are exclusive tours, concierge services, a personal chef, gorgeous spacious villas, and so much more. As an example of luxury, you will get, check out Necker Island, which is owned by famous businessman Richard Branson. Here you will find a floating sushi bar, two private beaches, luxurious bungalows, and excellent service at all times.

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Go off-roading in Jamaica

If you are an adrenaline seeker, nothing beats going off-roading in the Caribbean. After all, you get to see fantastic views while having some fun on your travels.

One great place to do some off-roading would be in Jamaica. You could head to Sandy Bay where you can have an adventure while seeing panoramic views! It’s worth giving a go at least once in your lifetime. And then you can head off to explore the rest of Jamaica including the infamous Bob Marley museum!

It’s Kingston’s most famous site as it’s where Bob Marley spent most of his recording days.

Have fun at the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

For some real fun, you need to head to one of the many carnivals in the Caribbean. One particular highlight which draws millions every year is the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. It’s known for its amazing costumes and fun limbo competitions!

You won’t forget the beautiful parades and floats if you do attend!

Hopefully, you can now decide where to go in the Caribbean for a trip of a lifetime.