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Experience Galicia Rias Baixas – CANGAS -21

Yes, it’s raining like crazy. So what?

With many more gadgets than we probably should and lacking waterproof clothing as well as proper walking shoes, we were more than ready to uncover all that Cangas del Morrazo had to offer, although the weather forecast was awful, with a big smile.
Because we are Galicians, and that means showers shouldn’t affect us. They only remind how lucky and privileged we are for calling Galicia our home. And rain is only secondary, an actor that makes unexpected appearances here and there. Usually to make our sky very picturesque and dramatic. Win-win!
Before continuing, I just wanted to make clear this, I LOVE RAIN and when we visited Cangas (Galicia, Spain) it was pouring the whole day. Hereby, this article pics are stormy, grey and dramatic. Just how we like them!
Anyway, let’s go back to business. At this point, you should probably be wondering whether it is worth to spend a day in Cangas, a little coastal town in the Morrazo peninsula or not.
Let me answer: YES, it is.  You can spend a whole day in Cangas and not get bored. Here’s the itinerary we followed. Perhaps a good starting point for your Cangas explorations.



10.00 – Start your day having a late breakfast at Rodeiramar Apartments. Perfect for me – more of a night person that absolutely hates mornings – and hopefully a great option for you too. The delicious pastries and sweets by Merchi, one of the owners and a well-known published author of some recipe books, will set you on the right track for a whole day out.
11.00 – The old town offers a lot more than its iconic religious building, ‘la colegiata’. Roam around the historic center of Cangas and uncover other jewels as its traditional fishermen houses, lively market and squares, parks, grocery stores, cafes and local shops. All right by the seaside, facing Vigo’s estuary, what makes it for countless photo ops. If you have some extra budget, get a guide that will take you centuries back, to a time and land where stories never end, for a complete experience.


12.30 – While you are exploring the center, and if you start getting hungry, here’re two spots you should check:
– O Colmado de Marujamaría, hand-made and bioproducts. Moderate prices you will forget after you sample their local specialties.
– Il Popolo, an Italian restaurant that has been widely recognized as one of the best in the country.
14.30 – Now you are good to go and have lunch. Bar Tapería, by the pier and surrounded by boats, nets, and yachts, is a good option. Ask for the catches of the day and talk to the locals for sea stories over a local liquor (herbs or coffee) after finishing your meal.


Masso abandoned factory, Cangas. #Galicia

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16.00 – If you are somehow like us, you’d probably be full by now. Perfect timing for a light walk by the seaside.
Five minutes from the restaurant, the old and abandoned Masso factory can’t be missed. Urban exploration doesn’t get much better than this, believe us.
17.00 – Digestion over? Visit the enchanted forest of Aldán.
Honestly, you rather explore it by yourself. Take this image as a teaser and get there soon. I won’t reveal you more now, just that it really is something you should add to your day plan!


18.00 – Hiking fan? Head to Cabo Home (mind that Summer – Winter sunset times may differ 5 hours and plan accordingly) and choose one of the many paths available. Three stunning lighthouses, some turquoise waters beaches, lush moss and an overall mind-blowing scenery await you there.
On top of this, if you can work your magic, manage to keep showers away for a while and align your arrival to one of the lighthouses with the sunset, you could snap some pretty epic pictures.

Pretty awesome hike to Cabo Home lighthouse, Cangas do Morrazo, this afternoon. Happy. #Galicia

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21.00 – When the sun goes down, it’s time to head to your home for the day (Hotel Airiños is a perfectly located option to consider) and freshen up after a full day outdoors.
21.30 – You should now be good to head for some ‘tapas’. High quality and usually locally sourced products make the scene a very attractive one. Artemar is a good starting point, their tuna fish tataki is awesome.
00.00 – Midnight friends! From here on, you are on your own. Nightclubs and bars will remain open for you until the wee hours on Fridays and Saturdays. As for the rest of the weekdays, I am afraid I will have to go back and check myself to conduct an investigation and, afterward, get back to you with more details because, frankly, I have no idea now!

What else can you do when a tree like this one comes across? #Galicia

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BONUS! Next day, if you have to leave, remember to say goodbye to Cangas as it deserves. For that, you should climb up to San Roque little church, on a hill overlooking Cangas and Vigo’s Estuary. You’ll then want to go down, hire a boat and continue your Galicia explorations. And we won’t blame you. This land truly is paradise.
Disclaimer. We were invited by Apartamentos Rodeiramar, Hotel Airiños, and Cangas Tourism to discover this nearby coastal town of ours. Thanks for ideating and coordinating everything GaliciaTB, Millan, Fran and Merchi. You rock!

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