What To Do If You Suffer An Injury On Holiday

What To Do If You Suffer An Injury On Holiday – A World to Travel (3)

Getting injured while on holiday can be a real nightmare. Having to get medical treatment in an unfamiliar environment can be a stressful experience, not to mention the fact that you are losing time for relaxation and fun during the holiday itself. Whether you are traveling at home or abroad, being removed from your familiar surroundings only serves to make the experience more difficult and more likely than not, you are wondering what to do if you suffer an injury on holiday.

The circumstances can be confusing or disorientating, but ultimately the same principles apply anywhere – if you have suffered an accident and someone else is to blame then it may be possible to get compensation for your injuries. But in the moment it can be difficult to know exactly what you should do. So here are some pieces of advice and guidance that you can follow if you suffer an injury while on holiday.


What kinds of injury can you claim for?

Many people who are injured on holiday get confused over whether they are able to make a claim or not. There are many ways that you can get hurt on holiday such as a slipping over on a wet floor that has not been correctly signposted, or suffering a fall during an excursion away from your hotel. You may even have suffered food poisoning at the restaurant.

Of course, every accident is different, and generally, it is the case that if you suffered a serious injury or illness, and someone else was to blame for it, you can make a claim. In some cases, you might assume that you are to blame for the incident, and therefore believe you are not eligible to make a claim. However it may be the case that someone else was also partly at fault for the incident, and as such you are able to make a claim. Visit personal injury experts for more advice and information about claiming compensation for injuries sustained on holiday.


Record the details of your injury

It is essential that when you get injured you should record all of the details of how it occurred, as these can be essential later on in the process when you may be interested in making a holiday accident claim. It is amazing how quickly you can begin to forget the details and these can be crucial in your ability to make a claim.

It is also that you should report the injury to all the relevant people. If the injury was suffered on the premises of the hotel then report it to the hotel as well as your rep (or the organizer). If you believe it is a criminal matter then you should inform the local police.


Talk to a solicitor as soon as possible

If you have suffered any kind of personal injury on holiday, your first move should get in contact with a solicitor that specializes in cases similar to yours. Experienced solicitors will be able to provide you with insight and guidance as to whether you are likely to have a case for compensation, as well as advising on the next steps that you can take.  

Speaking to a solicitor as soon as possible after the incident provides you with the best chance of getting a favorable outcome. In many cases, it is essential to begin gathering evidence as soon as possible, and this can make a big difference in your ability to have a successful claim.


What evidence should you gather?

Aside from taking down notes and details of what occurred, it is important that you should gather as much evidence as possible to support your story. Take as many photographs of the scene of the injury as possible to show exactly how it occurred and why this could have been avoided. It is also a good idea to take photos of any injuries you have suffered, especially before you have been seen by a doctor and received treatment.

You should also get the names and contact details of anyone who was a witness to the incident so that they can be contacted to provide information on your story. Additionally, you must obtain a copy of the report from the doctor that you visit. Do not assume that it will be easy to gain this report retrospectively. These are all vital things to have when you come to make a claim.