What To Consider When Sending Items Home from Abroad

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Traveling abroad is often the most exciting and adventurous part of your life, as you get to explore different countries and cultures whilst broadening your worldly knowledge. As such, many people want to send items/packages (often filled with sentimental souvenirs) home from a foreign country using a courier. Here are some of the practicalities to consider when sending different items home from abroad.


First off, you should consider how much money you will be paying to send your package. The greater the distance, the more expensive it is likely to be, and so you will need to check the cost of sending it to your designated country. Bear in mind that size also plays a role in the price charged for international delivery.

You should also consider the cost of materials needed to wrap your parcel up and keep it protected, and you may well need extra padding to protect it from the various bumps and scrapes associated with international delivery.  

Delivery Method

This will depend almost entirely on the size of your package and where you have traveled to, but you should also consider the most practical and cost-effective method of shipping your items(s), as delivery methods vary greatly and price and practicality. If you are moving multiple items which are heavy, for instance, you may want to look into using sea freight.

If you are the other side of the world, it may be quicker and safer to use a method like air freight, which is fast and will usually prevent your package/items from suffering too much potential damage whilst in transit.


Finally, look at how realistic and practical it will be to send what you want to your home country. Attempting to package the Taj Mahal up and send it home is a lovely idea, but would never work in practice. The same principle applies to all items being sent from abroad.

You must consider the legality of certain items, bearing in mind that they will have to go through customs and might not be accepted if they are breaking the laws/regulations of the country you are sending them from/to. Do some research to gain an understanding of the laws which your post will be subject to, and be realistic about what you want to send.

Sending items home from abroad is a great way to hold on to memories and it need not be a hard task, provided you have planned and prepared properly and effectively. Always look for the best deal, whilst ensuring your items will be safe and secure when you send them.