Want A Trip Away With Friends? Here’s What Prague Offers You

Prague at sunset – A World to Travel

Sometimes, a trip away with friends is all we need to relax properly and to take a break from our daily lives. Going away with friends is a different entity to going away with family or your other half – when away with friends there are no restrictions on what you can do. You can head to a bar at 11am, wake up at 3pm, have dinner for breakfast and supper for lunch, you do not have to stick to any time schedules and can have unlimited fun. That isn’t to say that going away with family or your other half is not fun, though. You can have a great time – but there is certainly something different about choosing to go away with friends.

There are lots of locations which may attract you and your friends, but one in particular is a great destination for the partygoers, cultural sightseers, historical buffs and food fans. That place, is Prague.

Once seen as a hotspot for solely historical and cultural information, Prague has seen itself being re-invented over the years to cater for anyone and for any type of holiday. It is now full of trendy bars, gorgeous restaurants, all types of accommodation ranging from bed and breakfasts, hostels and grand hotels and – of course – it has still managed to embed its history and culture in the ever evolving modern attraction it has become. Prague is also an easy place to get to, with lots of airports running frequent flights. Once you get there, you will be eager to explore, so take the pressure off waiting for your bus and get to wherever you want to go using booktaxiprague.

If you do fancy a bit of culture during your trip, take a visit to the St. Vitus Cathedral which shows excellent and important examples of Gothic architecture. It is also one of the biggest and most important churches in the whole of Europe, with a lot of history surrounding it. The cathedral also contains the tombs of many Kings, which can add an eerie effect to your visit.

Prague is also home to great restaurants, and it may be wise for you to sample some of the best food the city has to offer while you are there. Vegan’s Restaurant offers respite from a busy part of the city, Portfolio allows you to sample fine cuisine at prices that won’t break your budget, and Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro allows you to eat incredible burgers in a laid back, cool atmosphere.

For times when you want to head out for a drink, there are plenty of options with bars. Hemingway Bar is renowned for its innovate, fantastic cocktail selection, AnonymouS Bar allows you to relax in a great atmosphere, and The Dubliner Irish Pub always has friendly people, great beer and – if you are missing home – will always have a lot of tourists in which can allow you to feel at ease and even drink some beer you know if you do not want to branch out.