Here’s What Makes Kerala Special – Human By Nature

What Makes Kerala Special – Human by Nature – A World to Travel-42

What makes Kerala special is not just its incredible natural beauty, timeless culture, rich history, and heritage, or untamed wildlife; what makes Kerala really unique is its people. Their warm hospitality, welcoming smiles, and genuine nature are the heart and soul of Kerala, the Southernmost Indian state facing the Andaman sea and the perfect gateway to India, a life-changing country, for first-timers.

No one knows it better than them, God’s own country. Thus, they have recently created a unique tourism promotion campaign called ‘Human by Nature’.

Check out this visual wonder:

As a small tribute to this land that gave me so much more than five years ago, I have compiled some of my favorite images of that trip. They are not the best, nor do they have that wow-factor that seems essential today to succeed. However, they mean a lot to me.

They were taken at different times, throughout the state of Kerala between winter and spring. Memories I had saved and I decided to bring to light, to share with all of you. Giving way to each of them, the sentences recited in this video. I would not be able to better express everything that the state of Kerala offers.

I only ask you to be kind, these images already have some time. However, I know they are timeless. Because people, what makes Kerala so special, remain the same.

And hopefully, it will be that way for a long time.

Without further delay, Kerala – Human by nature:

To believe in fearless minds and tireless feet,

to brave the raging seas every day,

and walk side by side

with hearts that beat in time with the waves.

To revel in the innocence of forests and the wisdom of ancient ways,

to find answers in the mystery of mountains

and strength in free, soaring lives

To go with the flow along slow-moving canals,

to find deep journeys in little country boats

to catch the drift of conversations under quaint long bridges,

and discover close-knit lives on distant islands.

To find magic in the every day and eternity in the ordinary,

to meet gods who walk the earth and men who trek the heavens.

To speak with no words,

to listen from the heart,

to be one with the trees,

the skies,

the earth,

and celebrate every living thing.

To walk the ancient streets that run across cultures, beliefs, and ideas,

to open wide the mind and watch the different colors seep into each other,

and let the courtyard of the world make us human.

All over again.

I do not know yet when I will return to Kerala, the first Indian state that I stepped in my life – which made me visit so many afterward – and also the introduction to a new country and continent, the Asian giant. But I hope this happens soon. I miss the warmth of its people, human by nature.

Check this out if you too want to experience Kerala without leaving your home.

Disclaimer: This article supports Kerala’s campaign Human by Nature. We were invited to publish it by the Tourism Department of Kerala, which also supported my travels in the state a few years back as part of the Kerala Blog Express campaign. For both, thank you very much. Your state is heaven on earth.

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