6 Wellness Breaks, Healing Retreats & Spa Getaways To Take This Year

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More and more of us are skipping the usual, busy city break and opting instead for something a little more laid back. A wellness break means we can visit somewhere new and exciting but instead of busy tourist areas, we focus on more relaxing activities that improve our overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular wellness breaks, to consider when planning your next big trip. Everyone is different, so you’ll find a variety of options depending on your idea of what wellness means to you.

Trek it out

While many think of health and wellbeing as simply just meditation and yoga, others might prefer a more active option.

A trekking holiday is not only great for your overall fitness but it allows you to connect with nature, socialize with new, like-minded people and broaden your experience of the world around you. You can put the phone away – except perhaps for those snaps to show friends at home – and switch off completely.

Trek America is a popular provider of this type of holiday, with trips that take you through some of the most stunning national parks.

Escaping from the hustle and bustle of it all and immersing yourself in a truly humbling landscape is something that can improve your health and wellbeing. It grants us perspective in those busy moments, allowing us to take a step back and see the big picture.

Choose a trekking holiday and camp under the stars in the Great Smoky Mountains, go bear spotting in Alaska or explore the Amazon rainforest and its wonders.

Wilderness fitness

Similar to a trekking-style holiday, fitness holidays in the wilderness let you disconnect from all your troubles and get the heart racing in a good way, in an idyllic location. These holidays offer scheduled daily exercise routines and activities you can pick and choose from – a great way to distract yourself from the stresses of everyday life and perhaps kick off a new fitness goal.

Wildfitness is an example of one such company providing this type of holiday, encouraging you to get back to your roots, reconnect with yourself and focus on exercising and eating in a natural way.

With locations in Crete, Spain, and even Somerset, you won’t struggle to find somewhere that works for you if this is your idea of a wellness break.

Go on a yoga retreat

To some, there’s perhaps nothing more relaxing than a yoga session on the beach or as the sun rises on a veranda overlooking lush greenery. Yoga retreats have popped up all over the world, so make the most of it and book a long-haul trip to an exotic location such as Thailand, where you can stretch and relax after that long flight and soak up some sun in between.

Suan Sati is perhaps one of the most well-known in the country, offering retreats that last up to a week for you to take part in and truly find your inner strength.

Yoga is the perfect activity for meditative thinking, allowing you to reconnect with your mind and body and a retreat ensures that everything you need, including expert advice and coaching, is always to hand.

Indulge in a spa weekend

Spas are the perfect spot for those of us who want to escape it all and take a real break from everything. Surprisingly, Paris not only offers outstanding architecture to its visitors but also has been noted as the healthiest country in the world when it comes to wellness, boasting the most spas in the city out of any other capital.

A spa in the French capital is everything you’d expect it to be with indulgent decor, opulent treatments, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Villa Thalgo is noted as one of the best to book into, with sea minerals diffused into the water and a pool featuring low lights and natural ambient sounds to help you truly unwind.

Six Senses is another tried and trusted spa location, inspired by exotic wellness boutiques from overseas – perfect if it’s a rainy day in Paris to escape it all.

Shop healthy in Miami

This Florida city is a destination where you’ll not only find sun and sand but also a booming health and wellness scene.

The residents of Miami are some of the most health-conscious in the United States, perhaps after L.A, and there are a huge number of locations in the city for those looking for all things health-related.

As part of your wellness break, stop by one of the numerous farmers’ markets for inspiration when it comes to healthier eating and lifestyle. You’ll find locally grown, delicious fruit and veg as well as tasty healthy treats at these regularly occurring events.

Here’s a great post on how to spend one of your days in Miami:

Plan to take a walk along Lincoln Road – one of the most popular shopping streets in Miami – where you’ll find the area’s farmers market that takes place on Sundays. Local jams, honey and fruit, and veg are up for grabs as well as smoothies and locally made treats.

Save room for brunch after your wander around the market, Pura Vida is a popular spot for those on a health and wellness kick with great-looking smoothie bowls and plenty of salmon, egg whites, and avocado-based breakfasts.

Make this a fun activity between days spent on the beach or relaxing in your hotel room for a truly hearty experience. Make notes on the delicious but nutritious food you eat and see on your travels, ready to invigorate your weekday dinner menu when you return home.

Build your own holiday

Nothing says relaxing like having everything catered for you for one or two weeks – but you don’t have to be tied into an all-inclusive package deal to enjoy an indulgent break. Instead, enjoy all the benefits of this type of getaway but build a holiday that works for you, from flight times you prefer to board that meets your need.

Look for a holiday provider that allows you to pick and choose – you can select your flights, hotel, and activities individually through them, and you’re not restricted on choice.

Then you can kick back and relax with a good book, a sunny spot next to the pool, and a drink close to your hand. Creating this type of holiday allows you to switch off from everything else, take it slow and focus on the things you want to do.


Ready to give your health and wellness a boost? Try on one of these holiday destinations or styles for size and see what works for you.