9 Weird Things That You Can Experience Only In Japan

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Japan has recovered a lot since World War II, and it now holds the most powerful passport in the world (source). Furthermore, Japan is also a technologically advanced nation, and we are sure that you will be amazed to see its unique, innovative technologies.

In this article, we will talk about a few things that only happen in Japan.

Nine weird things that only happen in Japan

Vending machine country

Regular people like us, when talking about the vending machine, automatically assume that it is for getting drinks and snacks. However, that is not always the case in Japan. Trying out a vending machine is easy, and you do not need to travel miles to experiment with vending machines as the country has the highest vending machine density in the world with one device for every 23 people.

The vending machines in Japan contain more than just snacks and drinks, as many citizens do not have enough room in their refrigerators to store lots of food. Due to that reason, vending machines in Japan sell almost everything that you could possibly need like surgical masks, sushi, canned carrots, used underwear (lol), and so on.  

Spend the day in a ghost island

Does watching a horror movie freak you out? If you want more of it in real life, you must visit Ghost Island, Hashima.

Imagine wandering around an abandoned island, which has a rumor of being a home for ghosts. This island is about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki and used to be a coal mine before the 1960s. Right after, the industry collapsed and it became a no-man land.

Although you may not encounter any paranormal things, it truly is an experience that thrill-seekers will appreciate.

Buy non-melting ice cream

As a rule of thumb, we all perceive ice cream as something that quickly melts when it is hot. However, Japan has something unique in store for us once again. And it is also that somewhat demonstrates the scientific advancement of the country.

In Japan, it is possible to find ice cream that does not melt. The discovery happened as Japanese food scientists were trying to help affected farmers during the 2011 tsunami. While experimenting with strawberry chemicals, they accidentally found a formula that would instantly solidify a cream.

This compound can hold against an air dryer and keep itself intact without melting for a few minutes. Best of all, there are no noticeable differences in taste. What’s not to love?

Take a trip on a super fast train

One of the things that you must do is to travel in a Japanese bullet train, which has led the way for decades regarding super-fast trains across the world.

On top of being super-fast, the train has excellent service, it is a reliable mean of transportation, and covers a vast area from the far south in Kagoshima Chuo to the north of Shin Hakodate Hokuto.

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Before planning your trip, please bear in mind that entry rules for the country and Japan visa types are about to change since the government has recently announced the launch of the evisa for Chinese citizens in 2020. Later, it is expected that more nationalities will be added to the list.

Experience rabbit island

If you are fond of watching the cutest animals on Earth, you should visit Okunoshima, Usaga Jima (aka. Rabbit Island). Its uniqueness attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Tons of wild rabbits roam around happily in this area. These bunnies chase tourists, play around with them, and may even sit on your lap.

Kawaii Culture

Japan has a special place for its cuteness, and Kawaii culture takes cuteness to the whole new level. The meaning of Kawaii is a radiant face. It also represents the phrase, “able to be loved”.

There is no other area in the world that can match the level of cuteness of Japan, where you can think of things like Hello Kitty, Harajuku, and Nintendo. Kawaiiness illustrates everything from advertisement, pop culture, to adorable mascots.

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Visit Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

You will feel like you’ve set foot on the other planet after visiting Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Let us show you the image of it that will open up your mind to what you will be experiencing when you visit the place in real. Keep in mind that it is only a small sample of what you are about to observe in that area.

Get a taste of how it feels like roaming around in a unique forest wonderland, surrounded by tall bamboos and getting a glimpse of eerie light.

Go for unusual stays

Spend a night in one of the bizarre Japanese bizarre capsule hotels. The staff will come there to serve you drinks, and you will feel like you’re in a small cage.

Alternatively, if that gives you claustrophobia, book a night in one of the world-known Japanese love hotels for a different experience.

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Check out a sumo match

Finally, finish your Japanese visit by checking out a sumo fight. An unmissable event where two heavyweights fight in an elevated clay ring.

The rules are incredibly simple in this type of match. The one who is thrown out of the ring or touches the ground – with the exception of their sole foot of course – is out of the game.

Just make sure that you book the ticket in advance to avoid missing sumo wrestling.

The Takeaway

One of the coolest things about visiting a specific nation is trying out the things that you can only experience in that country. And there is plenty of stuff to see and try in Japan.

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What’s your take on the aforementioned things that only happen in Japan? Let us know and, in case you are also pumped up to share your story with us, do not hesitate and comment below.