We Need To Talk About New Year’s Resolutions

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When Inntravel asked us how we were doing with our 2017 resolutions and what was on our list for 2018, I could not stop thinking of how twisted my plans for this year have been. But also, how much we achieved so far.

I guess I am not alone. Almost everyone and their dog think about all the great plans they have for the new year to come right before NYE. And the vast majority of us forget about these resolutions a few weeks into the new year. Am I lying? I don’t think so. For a quick example, here’s what I wrote on my agenda for 2017:

My 2017 Resolutions

  • Continue my path into a more minimalist lifestyle
  • Traveling slower, reducing the huge CO2 footprint that quick getaways and taking a flight every few days produce
  • Eat mindfully and healthier, cutting sugary and bloat inducing foods
  • Finding a sport I love and exercising a few times per week
  • Keeping in touch and visiting my friends and relatives more
  • Implementing systems to save time in my daily life
  • Fixing my crazy sleeping patterns
  • Learning something new every day
  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Making everyone I care about happy

As you can see, those are pretty common goals these days. And they all come down to being healthier and happier. But, what did I really achieve?

I could go one by one, but to be honest, I don’t want to make you waste more time than strictly needed so I will just say I only got to work on half of this list in the long run. It is true that some weeks, even months, I have been doing great and then all of a sudden I go to a music festival or travel to a faraway destination, forget to sleep in days, eat crap, get delayed on my tasks, and the list goes on. You get it.

But this does not mean I am not already thinking of 2018’s resolutions.

The list could be something like 2017’s, with slight changes.

My 2018 Resolutions

  • Getting rid of everything I haven’t used or worn in the last 12 months
  • Continuing to travel slower and mindfully. Also, checking and booking my next holidays well in advance. This way I can save last-minute chaos and money
  • Learn to cook lots of healthy meals for when I am not traveling and I need to prepare my own food
  • Leaving my desk, exercising at least 3 times per week, and walking 30 mins every day
  • Planning my friends and family visits in advance to make them really happen every couple of months
  • Automatizing processes, crafting more templates and searching for wonderful and efficient systems that will save me time in the long run
  • Stop using my cell phone before bedtime, which ultimately will let me sleep earlier and better
  • Setting one new and semi-big thing to learn every month beforehand to get ready to kill it within those 30 days and not getting sidetracked with all the stuff that I need to do and that keeps piling up on my desk
  • Taking time to thank people for their time more often
  • Making everyone I care about happy

Except for the last one, which is exactly the same as last years’, you can see that now I am more precise about my goals and how to achieve them. Let’s say I am more focused. Because there’s nothing like writing down your thoughts to keep improving. We’ll see how this goes! I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Happy at Koh Tao, Thailand

What are your New Year resolutions?