5 Ways to Save When Travelling This Summer

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Summer is here, and there is no better time to take in the delights of a new destination. Cities come alive during the summer, with plentiful festivals and beautiful weather seducing travelers. Natural areas beckon adventurers with their untouched vistas and delicate areas of seclusion. No matter the destination, the spirit of discovery comes to a halt if your dreams are bigger than your budget; however, don’t cancel your plans just yet. There are a few ways you can save when traveling this summer and make that dream a reality.

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Make It a Package Deal

It may seem more affordable to break up your larger expenses, but combining your hotel and flights, especially through last-minute travel packages, often gives you an edge on traditional split bookings. Many websites will offer generous deals to customers booking last-minute travel packages. This combination deal is a way for companies to make money on unsold rooms and seats on planes that would otherwise be unprofitable.

Choose Alternative Lodging Options

Hotels are not the only habitations that should have your attention. There are plenty of money-saving alternatives to a regular, run-of-the-mill hotel experience. Renting condos, apartments, or rooms through companies or via owners can often prove more affordable than traditional hotel stays. There has been a rise in alternative lodging through home-share apps like Airbnb, which allow vacationers to choose from a variety of rooms, apartments, or entire home rentals in the area best suited to their stay.

Know Your Rewards

Chances are you are already a member of a service or club (credit cards, AAA, etc.) that offers specific travel rewards or discounts. As a cardholder, you could be entitled to discounted room rates, free upgrades, and other amenities at hotels. Knowing your card offerings can put you ahead of the game when it comes time to book your vacation stay.

Sign Up for Newsletters

Sure, this may sound like spam, but signing up for a travel site or airline newsletters will give you instant notification of unbeatable deals in your area. Many companies also offer insider clubs, giving members exclusive access to discounts and amenities. For example, joining the Alamo Car Rental insiders club gives you instant access to car rental discounts and free upgrades, which can save you money on taxis in areas with limited public transit.

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Become a Local

You may already be using deal sites like Groupon to save at home, but did you know you can also use it for cities you plan to visit? Finding deals on hot restaurants and fun activities in your vacation area is as easy as changing your location in these apps. Entertaining alternative travel options, cashing in on member discounts, and combining your travel expenses into packages is just what you need to keep your travel budget in check. Understanding your travel rewards and staying in the know at popular discount travel sites can turn your single summer vacation into two trips this year.

What other ways have you discovered to save money when you travel?