10 Ways To Make Money While Traveling Around The World

Ways To Make Money While Traveling Around The World – A World to Travel (7)

Travelling can be a wonderful way to completely submerge yourself in another lifestyle and experience the world. Finding the funds throughout those travels, though, can seem intimidating at first. Luckily, there’s a number of ways that you can do just that!

1. Be an ESL Teacher

One easy method to make money while in other countries is to teach English as a second language. It may require you to have a license for some positions, it’s required in every situation.

2. Agricultural Work

Seasonal agricultural workers are found all across the globe. It’s often that travelers get temporary jobs gathering produce on a farm, only to move on when it’s time to leave again. It may not be the easiest work every time, but it will bring satisfaction you can only gain by having done a hard day’s work.

3. Blog Your Adventures

Lifestyle blogging is another great way to make money off of your travels. One can do this by either finding a job with a blog that already exists or by creating one of your own.

4. Become an Au Pair

An au pair is similar to a nanny which accompanies a family while they travel. This job involves taking care of the family’s children throughout the trip but also allows some free time to do a little solo exploring. Often, costs are paid by the family, and the au pair is given a stipend as payment for their work.

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5. Teach Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is an amazing experience that also happens to be done, most commonly, is tropical destinations. Scuba diving destinations like the Caribbean, Central America, and Australia usually top the list. Becoming a licensed scuba teacher would allow you to take these skills to an area where people scuba dive, making that a very marketable skill.

6. Work as a Freelancer

Find a freelancing website and use your writing skills! If you want to put your academic writing skills to the test, you can even work with the writing services providing essay writer help to the students. Many websites help freelancers find clients and host jobs in any field imaginable. This profession is a good way to get steady work, while also creating your own hours.

7. Travel Writing

Similar to blogging in some respects, this type of writing is trade all its own. Travel writing is less concerned with documenting a person’s own experiences and more so describing the location that they traveled to. These are usually for magazines, brochures, or advertisements.

8. Bartending

Some may think that bartending is too stationary of a job to work with the constant movement of a traveler. Many tourist destinations, however, frequently hire travelers to work as bartenders, if they have prior experience. Those bars will hire the traveler for the duration of their stay. Plus, the traveler gets paid out in cash!

9. Working as a Guide

If you plan on being in an area for a bit of time, consider becoming a tour guide. You can make easy money by showing tourists the highlights of an area. This can be done through a company or done a solo for those that have a good lay of the area.

10. Work in a Tech Field

This one requires a bit more experience than the others. If the flexibility to travel is very important to you, then consider acquiring skills in a tech field. Working certain tech jobs such as web design only require access to a computer. This makes them perfect for people who frequently travel. As long as you can access a computer, you’ll never be away from work!


Exploring the world is an excellent way to learn about cultures and see an amazing thing. While the idea of taking off on a worldwide trip may sound enticing, you’ll have to figure out how it’s going to be financed. By picking up one of these skills, you’ll be able to go wherever you want and still earn a wage.

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