Watersports in Oman


Unleash your adrenaline seeking-side, grab your wetsuit, and take to the water to try some of the best watersports in Oman.

In the north-west corner of the Arabian Sea, you will find the beautiful country of Oman.

Nestled between Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, Oman is in the perfect place to capture the waves of the open sea and tidal surfs of the Gulf of Oman.


If you combine wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and paragliding in just one sport, the result is kitesurfing. Using the power and direction of the wind, enthusiasts will glide across the water on a small kiteboard propelled by an airborne sail or kite.


The Gulf is warm all year round and the consistent 20-knot wind makes Oman an ideal location for kitesurfers.


Pocketed with tantalizing lagoons and shallow bays, Oman is the perfect place to partake in a spot of snorkeling and scuba diving. Diverse marine life and warm temperatures make the region a haven for beginners and experienced divers too.


The best diving months are between April and July when the coral reefs are at their peak, although divers can see some great sights all-year-round. The multitude of diving locations includes various cliffs, small islands, bays, and caves as well as open water.


For those who enjoy riding the waves instead of getting among them, hop aboard one of the many whale-watching excursions available to book along the coastline. A wide variety of species, including tropical, blue, humpback, sperm, dwarf, killer, and melon-headed whales, are often seen just off the coast and are a true sight to behold.


These giants of the sea will easily entertain kids and adults alike.

Booking tips

As with anything, it is cheaper if you book in advance but if you end up booking on the day of your water-based activity don’t spend more than you need to. Many operators charge extra if you use a debit/credit card so keep plenty of cash on you for ad-hoc water activities. Most of the online currency converter companies offer very competitive exchange rates and could get more Omani (OMR) for your Pound, Dollar, and Euro if you buy before you travel.

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  1. Loren

    Great post, I have been to oman couple of times but never tried water sports. And seems like you enjoyed enjoyed alot. Trust me am gonna do that in my trip trip over there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jonathan Look, Jr.

    Never really thought of Oman as a watersport destination. That is the beauty of blogs like this, changing perspectives.

  3. Lyudmila

    The water in the Gulf of Oman warm and relaxation in this beautiful country. Go to Oman can be to look on the whale and to feel the life of the countries of the East.

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