Visiting Iceland on a Budget

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Iceland is a magical destination. With its rich history, proud culture, and unique landscape, it is no surprise that more and more people visit the island nation each year. Thanks to the country’s isolated location it does have something of a reputation for being expensive. And while many day-to-day items are pricier than in the rest of Europe that doesn’t mean you can’t easily make the most out of a trip on a budget. With a little common sense and forward planning, you can enjoy a memorable holiday to this special place without breaking the bank.

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Look out for happy hour

Like the rest of Scandinavia alcohol can be quite pricey in Iceland. Traditionally when Icelanders are on a night out, they have a few drinks at home before venturing out later on. This works to visitor’s advantage as many bars looking for extra trade operate happy hours earlier in the day. This is a great way for tourists to enjoy a beer or two in Iceland without it costing the Earth.

Views are free

From the splendor of the Gullfoss waterfall to the Geyser National park, the greatest sights in Iceland are natural. That means they’re free for you to explore. Many of these sights are not far from the capital Reykjavik and served with regular bus services, so your travel needn’t cost a fortune either.

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Go during the winter

Winter is the cheapest time to visit Iceland, and you are likely to find good bargains on transport and accommodation. Sure it’s dark and cold, but the incredible sunsets and stunning snow-covered landscapes are sure to offset the shorter days and longer nights. And anyway, you don’t go to Iceland for the heat.

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Don’t be too picky at dinner

Iceland has some amazing restaurants and delicious, if occasionally unusual cuisine. But if you are traveling on a budget don’t be afraid to enjoy some street food. As with drinking, eating out is expensive in Iceland, so try to limit your meals out when you’re there. While eateries can be pricey, the country is well stocked with plenty fast food, so feel free to indulge. You’re on holiday after all!

Images by Moyan Brenn used under Creative Commons Licence

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  1. eM

    We are thinking of going to Iceland in winter. We were there last month and we absolutely fell in love with this magnificent country. I don’t think it will be long until we go back there.
    Wonderful pictures!

    • Inma

      Hey! Glad you liked it.
      We definitely need to go back in Winter too. Last time it was late Spring – early Summer but I bet we missed so much goodness. Here’s to that!

  2. Stephanie

    We also made every other dinner at our guest house. Saved a ton of money that way. Iceland is expensive, but so worth it.

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