L.A.: Why You Should Visit The City of Angels

For many visitors to the United States, iconic destinations such as New York City and Washington D.C. are high on their most-wanted lists, however there’s an oft-ignored city that definitely deserves a look-in by tourists; Los Angeles. Whilst this sprawling metropolis is only really known for its once-bustling entertainment industry (now sadly departed), there are heaps on things to do in the city of angels, each poised to captivate and entertain. Here are some of our favorites!

Downtown, Los Angeles

2. Angels Stadium of Anaheim

Baseball is an American mainstay that needs to be seen to be truly understood, and LA’s Anaheim stadium is a perfect place for anyone perusing L.A. to discover the game. The fourth-oldest active Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium, and home to the Los Angeles Angels, tickets are available all year round.

2. Griffith Park and Observatory

Perched atop the Santa Monica Mountains, Griffith Park and its associated observatory are well worth the journey up in to the hills. Amateur astronomers can marvel at both a planetarium and the observatory’s four telescopes – check out the Zeiss telescope for images of the planets and moon – and the overall Park contains a Greek theatre, Zoo, golf courses, tennis courses and a huge number of wonderful walking and driving trails that wind up and around the Mountains.


3. J Paul Getty Museum Complex

A place to see for any lovers of design, the J Paul Getty Museum Complex is a huge area packed with beautiful grounds, interesting architectural wonders, and a massive collection of art exhibits. It’s one of the few places in L.A. to catch a glimpse of ancient Greek and Roman pieces, and there’s a whole range of modern and contemporary artistic offerings for visitors to pore over.


4. Hollywood

We simply had to include Hollywood, Los Angeles’ most well-known and highly-regarded suburb, in this list! The film industry has made its mark on practically every street in the area, and the Hollywood Boulevard, Walk of Fame and utterly iconic Chinese Theatre are all must-sees. Don’t feel the need to jump on tacky ‘Movie-Star Homes’ tours though – very few celebrities actually live in the area!


5. Venice Beach

Strolling along the promenade with the sea breeze in your hair, it’s easy to see why life is so laid back on Venice Beach. Golden sands, outdoor activities and the obvious sunbathing and swimming all pervade the beach, and is very family friendly.


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