Top 5 US Airports for Long Layovers


It’s an inevitability of flying. Eventually, you’ll end up stuck at an airport with time to burn. If you don’t fancy spending hours in those uncomfortable airport seats, try arranging your layover at one of these amazing airports instead.

You’ll be looking forward to arriving soon.

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul

The Twin Cities’ Airport might seem rather plain inside, but it’s unique when it comes to leaving. Just jump on the inexpensive 12-minute monorail and you can explore the great Mall of America, where time will fly. From movie theaters to aquariums, shops to cafes, and an amazing Lego store, it’s a great day out. Just don’t forget to return in time for your flight.

2. Seattle-Tacoma

If you’re on your way to or from Asia, Seattle isn’t just a city that you’re flying over — there’s also a good chance you’ll land there as well. Sea-Tac Airport is a haven of all things Seattle — except grunge rock. You will find high-end coffee aplenty, ubiquitous tech in the form of free Wi-Fi and recharging stations, Pacific Northwestern road trip awesomeness, and mouthwatering seafood that’s cheaper than you’d imagine.


3. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

The Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport, the home of Delta Airlines, might be the busiest in the country, but it’s also the best if you need a rest. ATL boasts unique Minute Suites for travelers, consisting of a comfortable day bed in a small room that’s designed to dampen silence. There’s even a white-noise system to help you drift to sleep.

4. Boston Logan

The Boston Logan Airport is often described as an upscale Sea-Tac, and it’s a great place to layover. For the kids, there are two play areas created with the support of the Boston Children’s Museum and TVs. Adults can relax in multiple in-airport spas, enjoy the free Wi-Fi, or relax in a rocking chair. If your layover is longer, take the ‘T’ ride out to Boston’s north end for a great tour of the Italian section, and a direct link back to the airport. Or rent a car and go somewhere near Boston for a short getaway.

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5. San Francisco

SFO is one of the best-kept airport secrets. It’s been quietly garnering awards for the variety of amenities on offer and excellent customer service for years, and it’s a great place to stop over. Check out the Museum of flight, an Aviation Library, an art museum, an aquarium, and the yoga studio. or one of the many kid’s play areas.

There are plenty of restaurants and food places to enjoy, too, along with a great medical center and plenty of comfortable seating. You could spend hours enjoying San Francisco here, without ever leaving the airport.

Next time you book a flight that requires a layover, look for a stop in one of these great airports. You’ll enjoy your wait a lot more with plenty of amenities to explore, and it could even let you explore a new city while you travel. Just be sure to plan ahead of time when booking your flight and prepare for any extracurricular activities outside of the layover airport. Not only will this help guide you in your travels, but it’ll also help avoid you missing your connecting flight.

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