The Beauty of Upstate New York at its Best

Upstate New York is one of the most attractive regions in New York thanks to its diverse beauty and jaw-dropping attractions.

It has everything for everyone who loves hiking and exploring new heights of nature. Be it manmade or naturally occurring, it has the best attractions you can ever imagine of. Upstate New York encompasses some of the most beautiful cities which include Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, and Rochester. Among these cities lies the best-kept secrets New York City can offer to different people from different walks of life.

If you are looking for the best camping site in New York, look no further. Starting from the Niagara Falls all the way down to the Sylvan Beach you will be easily spoilt for choice. Here’re some of our suggestions:


Sylvan Beach

The Sylvan Beach is actually the best place to camp for both family and friends. This beach offers camping facilities, an amusement park, marinas and a couple of restaurants making it the best kids and camping site.

If you are the athletic type of person, Sylvan is the place to be during the summer holidays thanks to its annual Sylvan Beach Mile. This is usually a one-mile long road racing competition which brings together both elite racers and learners. It usually takes place during the final weekend of July so don’t miss out.

Camp Chateaugay

Another great site to behold is the Camp Chateaugay in NY.

Usually regarded as the ultimate New York Summer Camp, Chateaugay is located in a quiet, clean and serene environment. It’s enclosed inside Adirondack Park where you are guaranteed to get the best out of this camp.

This camp offers a wide range of activities ranging from wildlife and bird watching as well as boating. Due to its friendly nature and location, it is also the best place for young adults and teens.

Unlike other camping sites which are located close to the vicinity of neighboring communities, Chateaugay is located far away from such communities which make it the ideal private place to those who love their privacy.

Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle is also a great place to be especially during the summer holidays thanks to its panoramic view during this season. Located in the Thousand Islands, this is a must visit for anyone who loves history and beauty.

With over 100 years to show out for, this castle encompasses both nature and history. The good thing about its location is the fact that it’s located in the Thousand Islands which happens to be a backdrop for campers and beach lovers.

So if you are planning a camping vacation for your friends or family, make sure you pay Upstate New York a visit.