11 Unique Things To Do In Miami

Unique Things To Do In Miami – A World to Travel (6)

If there is any city that doesn’t need much of an introduction, that is Miami. Well-known for its amazing beaches, sunny weather, and glamour, Miami will captivate you in a way that you will never want to leave. Since one of the most common activities in Miami is to go to the beach or hang out by the poolside, we have put together 11 unique things that you can do in Miami to give you a very exciting and somewhat different experience.

1. Avoid the tourist crowds at South Beach and take amazing pictures at Sunrise

Let’s face it, there are usually a lot of people at South Beach at different times of the day. However, one cool trick we like to wake up early to catch the incredible sunrise at the beach.

During this time, there are not a lot of tourists in the area and you can take as many pictures as you want with the amazing sunrise as your backdrop. What’s more? You get a little privacy before it gets too crowded.

2. Visit Panther Coffee for the Best Coffee in Miami

If you are a lover of coffee, then you shouldn’t leave Miami without having a taste of the incredible coffee sold at Panther Coffee. Get a taste of organic, freshly roasted coffee in the early hours of the morning.

It is a great way to start the day and it is usually a very tranquil and peaceful environment, perfect for a bit of quiet and self-reflection.

3. Stop at Bunnie Cakes for the tastiest vegan cupcakes

If you’re vegan and craving amazing cupcakes in Miami, then Bunnie Cakes has all you need and more. Make a stop at Bunnie Cakes and be treated to some of the best vegan cupcakes in the country and in different flavors.

This is a great place to take a quick break while touring the city and munch on some yummy vegan cupcakes for renewed energy! Be sure to send us some.

4. Have a bit of fancy dining at Plant Miami

Done enough touring for the day? You might want to dress up and have a fancy and private dinner at one of the most luxurious restaurants in Miami, known as Plant Miami. Get treated to different continental and intercontinental cuisines and treat your taste buds to new incredible pallets that you might not find anywhere else.

If you love a bit of fine wining and dining after a day of exploring the city, then Plant Miami is the place for you.

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5. Take Great Pictures at the Art Deco District

If you find yourself having a taste for art, then the Miami Art Deco district will definitely give you all the ambiance you need. Tourists are allowed to walk around the district and take pictures of the different artwork displayed there and just soak in the creativity that abounds in the area.

It is a great way to spend your day if you appreciate art and the great pictures are just a bonus.

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6. Spend the night at Ocean Blue

If you are on a budget in Miami and you want to be close to South Beach, then Ocean Blue Hostel has everything you need in terms of comfortable and affordable accommodation.

Its proximity to South Beach and affordability make this hostel highly sought after for tourists who are trying to have a great time in the city on a budget.

7. Visit Clevelander for great tunes and a sundowner

Are you a lover of great music and beautiful sunsets like us? Then the Clevelander hotel is our top pick for you. Clevelander offers a great ambiance, food, music, and an incredible view of the sunset every night to get you right in the vacation spirit. What’s more? This hotel is very affordable and in tune with whatever your budget might be.

Spend some time at Clevelander and let us know how much you loved it.

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8. The best art pieces are in Wynwood

Want to view and possibly leave Miami with some of the best art pieces in the world? Then it would help if you visited Wynwood. The art galleries in this area are filled with beautiful and captivating art pieces that are sure to make you gasp.

If you are a true lover of art, then Wynwood is your haven, and believe us when we say, you will feel like a little kid at the candy shop with all the incredible pieces you will see. 

Consider renting a car in Miami to make the most of your time there. However, to be honest, you can rely on the excellent public transportation system that covers the entire state of Florida. Did you know that a bus from Orlando to Miami takes only 4-5 hours?

9. Enjoy some privacy at the South Pointe Pier

If you are looking for a very exclusive spot in Miami away from the bustle and noise of the many tourists, South Pointe Pier is a great spot with great privacy. This park which is located on the south beach of Miami is usually not riddled with a lot of tourists and is a great place for some alone time.

There are good restaurants and even an outdoor shower. This park also offers a great view of Fisher Island and also the Atlantic Ocean. Incredible right?

10. Visit the Everglades for a great wildlife experience

The Everglades gives you a great view of the landscapes and also lets you spot some beautiful wildlife in the process. Take your Miami rental car for a ride and get in touch with nature with a visit to the Everglades to have your fill of the different wildlife that exists in the area.

You can also take as many pictures as you want and this is a great way to add some nature to your Miami photo collection. Let us know which animals you spot!

11. Get on a Caribbean Cruise

What’s a visit to Miami without a boat cruise to the Caribbean? A great way to bring your incredible trip to an end on a high note is to go on a cruise to the Caribbean with your loved ones. soak in the misty air and enjoy the open waters for a very affordable amount. A Caribbean cruise is a must-have on your itinerary for Miami.

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There you have it, 11 unique things to do in Miami and activities that will make your trip a little more worthwhile. All of them deserve to be on your to-do list while in Miami and we can guarantee that you will have an incredible time.

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