Escape the Ordinary With These Unique Stays Around the World

Staying at an Agriturismo Villa in Italy – Unique Stays to Escaping the Ordinary

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Their team has curated a list of extraordinary lodging styles from around the world, perfect for adventurous types looking for unforgettable experiences, from Canadian treehouses under the stars to Mexican cabins just steps from the beach. Check it out and find your inspiration!

Discover a new way to relax with these unique stays around the world:

1. Sleeping in an Impressive Riad in Morocco

Staying in a riad offers guests an experience unlike any other, providing a place to rest while enjoying the country’s dynamic cultural heritage. Open courtyards with lush green gardens serve as the centerpiece of these traditional homes.

Often decorated with intricate tiles, they create a tranquil and refreshing oasis.

2. Chilling at a Cabin in the Mexican Jungle

What better way to experience the jungles of Mexico than by staying in a cabin?

Visitors are situated in the center of the action amidst a variety of plants and wildlife, creating a serene atmosphere of isolation and a true escape from the real world.

3. Experiencing a Tranquil Ryokan in Japan

Tourists love staying in Ryokans because they offer an authentic Japanese experience.

Characterized by tatami rooms with sliding doors, Zen gardens, and onsen hot springs, these traditional structures allow travelers to completely disconnect and relax in a peaceful environment while enjoying beautiful landscapes.

4. Staying at an Agriturismo Villa in Italy

Experience the authentic charm of the Italian countryside like a local by staying in an Agriturismo property. These family farms allow guests to participate in activities such as pasta-making lessons or wine tastings.

Embrace a slower pace of life while enjoying magnificent views of vineyards and olive groves.

5. Being Based in a Romantic Castle in France

Spend a magical weekend in a castle in France fit for royalty. While passing through the French countryside, it’s not uncommon to come across centuries-old castles surrounded by stunning landscapes and ample space for outdoor exploration.

What better way to experience France than sipping champagne in a castle with a loved one?

6. Sleeping in a Charming Cottage in England

Escape to a cozy world in the English countryside by staying in a quaint cottage.

Traditional stone cottages allow visitors to enter a picturesque setting, where they can relax in front of a fireplace, take a scenic stroll, or curl up with a good book, experiencing ultimate calm and relaxation.

7. Staying in a Treehouse in Canada

Head off to a cabin nestled in the Canadian forests. This accommodation is perfect for adventurous vacationers seeking both comfort and proximity to the outdoors.

Visitors begin their days by enjoying nature through activities such as hiking, fishing, and swimming, and end them by roasting marshmallows under the sparkling stars.

8. Experiencing the Ultimate Celebrity Lifestyle in the States

Feel like a celebrity by spending a weekend at Houdini Estate in California, formerly owned by the famous illusionist Harry Houdini. This Mediterranean-style estate is nestled in the hills of Hollywood, offering guests privacy and tranquility in a breathtaking location.

Perfect for travelers seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.

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