10 Unique Proposal Ideas And Places To Propose Around The World

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Proposing can be quite daunting, more so if you are at a loss of ideas on how to go about it or places to propose. People spend weeks, months, and even years trying to figure out the perfect proposal that will get the love of their life to say the magic word that will pave the way for their future.

Sometimes, the proposal does not go the way one wishes, and there have been many cases of the redo where your partner now takes over the role. At other times, it turns out better than you expected.

It’s evident that proposals carry much weight as they are the moments that people look back at when times have passed. It could be that your third-anniversary dinner is not going as planned. Once you start talking about how it all started, you find yourselves falling in love again. Or it could be that story that you tell people over and over till they roll their eyes back, feigning boredom but secretly admiring the way the pieces fell together.

With a decent proposal underway, you should be on your way to locking down that one person who makes your heart ache with love. In the past, marriage proposals have been pretty standard. A ring placed in dessert, the tying of the shoe that soon turns into a marriage proposal, marching bands and all sorts of ideas that have had people jumping up and down as they screamed the words that their partners so badly wanted to hear. However, there is no reason that you should not veer from the norm and surprise him/ her with something different.

While most people often bring out the big guns by getting the most sparkly diamond that they can find, you could always go for something simple. A rose given as a gift is a sure way to win one’s heart. Yes, you could pluck one fresh from the garden and present it to your love. Or you could pull out some of the stops and get one dipped in gold, silver, platinum, or other metal that will have your love gazing down on it for the happy decades that will follow. If you are looking for something different, why not go down this route?

And speaking of doing things differently, here are some more proposal ideas that will have you feeling giddy long before you execute them:

Bow Bridge – Central Park, NY

There are tons of place where you could propose in New York, with one of them being the Empire State building. The downside to most of these places though is that they are bustling with activities. A short walk to these venues will have you feeling even more anxious about what you are about to do, what with the many snap-happy tourists around you.

Central Park offers a serene atmosphere where you can collect your thoughts as the two of you gaze at the lake. There are also tons of wildlife in the area, and you could both take a boat ride to enjoy the scenery better. Once you get to the bridge, you will feel more than ready to pop the question, fueled by the picturesque surroundings. And yes, the view is more than Instagram worthy. You’ve heard of the pictures that tell a thousand stories, and this will be one of those.

To celebrate your union, lunch at the Tavern on the Green will do. Flights to this venue cost about $250 from destinations such as London and Inverness, and $300 from Manchester and Belfast. You could easily veil your intentions on the pretext of business, leisure or other activity. It will be worth it in the end.

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Terrass Hotel Rooftop – Paris

There have been so many proposals in Paris that one would get forgiven for thinking that the city had lost some of its romantic-appeal. However, this is not the case, and hundreds of people stream to the town for romantic getaways, proposals, honeymoons and all sorts of couple activities.

The one thing that you should avoid though is doing it at the Eiffel Tower. While the structure is that of architectural genius, it will not do much for your proposal as the atmosphere is not serene. Again, you want to get it right, and it can be quite hard to distinguish between the voices in your head and those of the tourists around you. You also don’t want your partner’s attention lost in the crowd.

The rooftop at the Terrass Hotel is not only quiet, but it also offers you an incredible view of the city. What’s more, the food is reasonably priced, and you will not have to dig much into your pockets. Flights to Paris range from $50 from Manchester all the way to $130 from Belfast.

The Shard – London

With so many beautiful places to choose from in this expansive city, the process can be quite daunting. But that’s the thing. By having your proposal at the shard, you do not have to choose as you will get a bird’s eye view of the spectacular structures that adorn this historical city.

What’s more, you have up to six fine dining restaurants to enjoy. A flight from Belfast will cost you about $90.

Cliffs of Moher – Ireland

Picture this: coastline cliffs at the height of 214 meters spread over eight kilometers. Think of the kind of view you would have to yourself. It’s no wonder that this iconic site in Ireland has proven to be a global attraction.

Thanks to the number of visitors who come to the area, it’s best to pop the question in the early hours of the day when you can take all the photos you want and walk hand in hand, admiring the ocean. Getting here from London or Manchester would set you back about $30.

The Pap of Glencoe – Scottish Highlands

Now, this is a proposal that’s going to last for ages in your memories. The Glencoe, while being the most beautiful of Scotland’s glens, is also the easiest to climb. You’ll have to convince your partner to climb up the mountain. You can pop the question once they are up there, fuming at you for getting them to burn calories while on a trip. All will be forgiven once they hear what you have to say, and they see the stunning view before them.

Be warned though, the trek to the top will take five hours, and you had better have some sweet words once they catch their breath at the top.

Orange Tree Garden Aventine Hill – Rome

There are lots of tourists in Rome, and the chances are high that you will be getting in the way of someone’s selfie in most of the tourist attractions. As such, skip the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain and all these gorgeous places and head to the Orange Garden.

Here, you can bring out some excellent Italian wine, a basket of food and of course, the ring or rose! Be sure to get there before the crowds come. It should cost you about $50 to get here from London. The same goes for Manchester.

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Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria

Picture-perfect: these are the best words to describe the beauty that is this castle. It looks like it came out of a fairy tale and it boasts of a dense forest and many hiking trails where you can bond with your partner before popping the question. The best view of the palace lies in the 1845 bridge from where you can get a full view of the castle.

Imagine watching the sun set behind the magnificent castle as you pour your heart out to that one person without whom your world would be incomplete. The feeling is pure magic. A trip to this region from Manchester would cost you about $50.

Imerovigli – Santorini

If you have not been to Santorini, then you have probably seen it in some impressive shots all over the internet. With a few hundred people in the region, there is a lot of peace and space for you to get your proposal right.

Skaros Rock is an excellent peak from where you can enjoy the sunset as you take in the view of white and blue-domed structures and the expansive waters that surround you. From Manchester, you should part with about $120 and from Belfast; it should be about $250.

Lake of Love – Bruges

There is a legend about this lake that will have your lover appreciating every second that they get to be with you. A young girl by the name Minna was once lucky to find love. Unfortunately, the boy in question came from a rival tribe, and as fate would have it, they did not end up together. Minna later died from heartbreak. However, her demise was not in vain. The story goes that if anyone crosses the bridge over the lake and kisses a person that they love, their connection will be eternal.

If you cannot think of a good intro to your proposal, then this will do. From Manchester, you will spend about $160 to get here.

Grotta Palazzese – Polignano A Mare

Grotta Palazzese has made a name for itself across the globe owing to a multitude of reasons. Here, you get a view of the Adriatic while sheltered by the limestone rocks that adorn the establishment. The ambiance is fantastic with dimly lit tables scattered over the area, creating an intimate dining experience. From London to Bari, you should spend about $30 while from Manchester; the cost would be about $70.

The most important things when proposing are to understand your partner’s preferences, to keep calm and to blow their mind. And you can do that by taking them to one of these places to propose around the world. All the best of luck!

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