5 Spectacular Locations to Consider Visiting When Traveling to Mexico On a Budget

Cenote – 5 Spectacular Locations to Consider Visiting When Traveling to Mexico On a Budget – A World to Travel

Mexico is famous for its spectacular Pacific and Gulf of Mexico Beaches.

In addition, the country is home to diverse and magnificent natural features that include mountains, deserts, and rare jungles. If you are seeking a location that has a historical touch, Mexico is the perfect destination, and you’ll be able to visit some world-famous ancient ruins like Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza.

The best part is that visiting Mexico can be easily done on a budget. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing locations you need to consider when you are traveling cheaply to Mexico.

Puerto Aventuras

This region is located in Solidaridad Municipality. Puerto Aventuras has many things that any traveler can enjoy. For instance, the ancient Mayan remains of Coba, have some of the most magnificent views at the top. The forest is equally amazing. On the other hand, there are many shops and eateries in this region making it easy for you to access food and water when it gets hot at pretty friendly prices.


If you had to pick the most spectacular ruins located in Mexico’s coastline, the ones in Tulum would just top the list. That is how impressive they are.

Famous for its fine sands and balmy breezes that allow visitors to feel relaxed, there are excellent cave and cavern diving zones for travelers who find water sports fascinating in the nearby cenotes. Furthermore, the region has a variety of lodgings and restaurants that fit every budget.


If you are looking to have fun and enjoy yourself in a bustling city, then you should visit the amazing Kantenah. The region has a system that provides state of the art entertainment for travelers with various budgetary considerations. You can choose to spend time in the outdoor swimming pools or simply enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches. Either way, it will give you one of the most amazing experiences ever.


The pristine island of Cozumel is off Mexico’s eastern coast, sitting strategically within the Caribbean Sea.

It is famous primarily for its stunning beaches and water recreation facilities. In fact, the island enjoys tropical weather that ensures that it is open to visitors all year round. You can also experience the Mayan ruins, diving along the coral reefs, other water recreation experiences such as kite surfing and snorkeling and, of course, taking a walk in the very own Cozumel Park.

We bet you will want to stay there for longer!


A region located approximately 62 miles south of Cancun strategically at the heart of the famous Mayan Riviera, Akumal boasts of a stunning beach that is excellent for snorkeling and other water sport activities. This doesn’t have to be an expensive activity since you can catch a “colectivo” (bus) from anywhere and within a short while, you will be on the beach. Or, alternatively, you can book one of the many Cancun transfers available.

Though there are some parts of the beach that are considered private, the ones open to the public still provide excellent opportunities for visitors traveling in Mexico cheaply.

An affordable option for traveling, especially with a large group, is a vacation rental. This convenient mode of accommodation is quickly rising in popularity, and for good reason. All the convenience of being at home with many of the amenities of being on vacation, vacation rentals often run for cheaper than many hotels. 

What are you waiting for? Make Mexico your upcoming destination now!