Budget Hacks: Traveling in Jamaica for Cheap

Budget Hacks: Traveling in Jamaica for Cheap – A World to Travel

Travel, one of the most exciting experiences in life, comes with an array of opportunities to connect, reflect, and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. However, one of the challenges associated with traveling is the cost of planning and executing the plans. With adequate research, you will have a great time without having to spend so much money.

Places to visit in Jamaica

Essentially, Jamaica is a tiny island in the Caribbean that always leaves an indelible mark when it comes to aesthetic beauty. There is plenty to do and places to visit without having to spend much money. Some of the places that you should include in your itinerary when planning to travel cheaply in Jamaica include the following.


Negril is a laid back resort town in the western region of Jamaica. The region has pristine white sandy beaches that always leave a breathtaking experience. In addition, the region offers perfect locations for pale waters and shallow bays for travelers searching for perfect swimming spots. Due to the high number of travelers visiting this region, there are restaurants and bars that cater to all travelers.


Kingston is the largest city in Jamaica. It is the capital city of this beautiful island. The city is located on the southeastern coast of this great island. Kingston is a city that offers a perfect blend of exotic jungle life with thriving urban society. As such, you can never fail to have excellent opportunities to interact and enjoy what the region has to offer. From the Blue Mountains to the busy natural harbor, a visit to this city provides an essential taste to the rich Jamaican culture. Whether you are traveling alone or as a group, you do not have to fret about the cost. The region has diverse restaurants and guesthouses with varying and friendly costs.

Montego Bay

This is one of the most stunning locations located along Jamaica’s north coast. Montego Bay is a major cruise ship port that is home to some of the exquisite and stunning beach resorts. The region is famous for its golf courses along the popular beaches. These beaches include Doctor’s Cave Beach and the Walter Fletcher Beach. These beaches are vibrant both at night and during the day. You cannot forget to mention water activities that include snorkeling and diving or the Jamaica music festivals that take place there sometimes. With a great climate, as well as friendly rates, Montego Bay promises quality experiences to remember during your visit.


Lucea is a coastal town in Jamaica. It is the third smallest town in Jamaica. Founded in 1723, the town offers rich historical experiences. Lucea’s main attractions are three waterfalls that include Kempshot Falls, Paradise, and Dry Hill. Other attractions include sightseeing, a visit to the Hanover Museum, boisterous nightlife, the excursions, and the amazing nightlife. You will never get bored in Lucea. Lucea is home to many low-key restaurants and guesthouses that cater to visitors traveling on a budget. In the end, the location promises a rich experience at a manageable cost.

Runaway Bay

If you are looking for stunning beauty, then you must visit Runaway Bay. Located in the northern region of Jamaica, this region is one of the most beautiful naturally occurring locations on the island. The Golf Resort and beach experiences will remain etched in your memory. If you are looking for a place that will match your cost and quality of experience, you will not be disappointed at Runaway Bay.