Budget Hacks: Traveling in Colombia for Cheap

Budget Hacks: Traveling in Colombia for Cheap – A World to Travel
Few things are more exciting than a holiday trip. Traveling offers a smorgasbord of benefits, including the opportunity to learn and reflect in new environments.
But traveling isn’t without its challenges — and one of them is planning. With so many locations accessible to modern tourists, travelers often have a difficult time choosing their destination. Moreover, the cost can severely limit a traveler’s ability to enjoy what an area has to offer. Accordingly, if you’re in the mood for traveling, consider visiting somewhere that suits your budget.
If you are working with limited funds, Colombia can be an ideal choice, offering a picturesque environment at budget-friendly prices. If you visit Colombia, don’t leave these inexpensive locations out of your itinerary.


Cartagena, a gorgeous fishing village on the Caribbean coast, is one of the most colorful locations in Colombia. This seaside town offers the perfect beach experiences for travelers who are looking for a fresh Caribbean breeze.
Better still, travelers need not stress over budget worries while in Cartagena, which offers wallet-friendly activities aplenty, including visits to pristine beaches, meals of inexpensive exotic seafood along the port, sightseeing, and colorful nightlife, all amid welcoming lodgings. Cartagena’s strategic location offers travelers the ideal Caribbean experience at a can’t-be-beat cost.


Those looking for a site that blends urban life with stunning views need to look no farther than Medellin. This city, which is more than a century old, provides plenty of opportunities to view historical artifacts — or to see the sights. Tantalizing smells of roast chicken blend with fresh mountain breezes to give the perfect setting for appreciating a buzzing society steeped in a rich natural heritage.
In downtown Medellin, you’ll see sculptures by Fernando Botero and enjoy a blend of people from various social classes. Not surprisingly, then, you’ll never lack for a place to lay your head for a friendly price as you enjoy one of the liveliest cities in South America.


Bogota is famed for its high altitude, where visitors will find magnificent pre-Columbian gold pieces amid an environment that blends modern life with the riches of history. No visitor to this engaging, vibrant capital lacks for things to do cradled among the chilly Andean peaks.
Visitors to Bogota have ready access to inexpensive flights and reasonably priced attractions. During your stay, you can interact with the local culture while traveling by bus, allowing you a first-hand look this famous city.

Budget Hacks: Traveling in Colombia for Cheap - A World to Travel

One of the most stunning coral islands in the Caribbean, San Andres Island offers a window into a diverse ecosystem of reefs, groves, and exotic beaches.
Visitors to San Andres Island can spend their hours diving and snorkeling or exploring the exciting island environment around them. This island paradise offers inexpensive cuisine served to taste, and guests will find excellent lodgings at budget-friendly prices overlooking the vibrant waters of the Caribbean.
If you’re trying to decide where to spend your next vacation out of the country, look at Colombia — and then look again. A wealth of riches awaits you in this jewel of the Caribbean.