5 Tips And Tricks For Traveling As An Introvert

Tricks And Travel Tips For Introverts – A World to Travel

People frequently return from trips abroad with stories of how incredible the experience was, getting to meet people of all sorts of different backgrounds, sharing small hostel rooms with interesting exciting people and throwing themselves into the thrill of engaging with a whole new way of life. For some, they can’t wait to get out and do the same. But for a lot of introverted people, this can sound like a version of hell. Traveling can really be an incredible burden on introverted types, so here are a few ways in which you can try and combat those difficulties. Five travel tips for introverts:

Be Kind To Yourself

Traveling is meant to push you a bit: new cultures and new ways of life can challenge you to look outside of yourself and broaden your understanding of the world. But it is also meant to be enjoyable. One area in which enjoyment can be entirely sucked out of traveling for an introvert is a lack of privacy. “I would always recommend that you invest a little extra money in ensuring that your accommodation affords you some alone time”, says Jason Peaquod, a travel blogger. “Being able to recharge in privacy, will help you throughout the whole trip.”

Don’t Necessarily Jump In The Deep End 

When planning where you want to visit, a lot of people around you might push you to go for the more intense experiences: hostel stretches in Lima or charity work in Vietnam. A lot of people don’t appreciate the added challenge that every introvert has when it comes to these trips. Maybe think about starting off with something slightly more within your comfort zone and then see what you can graduate into after you’ve completed your first trip abroad. 

Plan Extensively

“A well-planned trip eliminates the chance for those ultra-chaotic moments of panic when you find out that the hostel you were booked into burnt down two years ago, or that you bout $500 of the wrong currency for where you’re visiting”, suggests Tracy Beaker, lifestyle writer.

For introverts, though you might be perfectly capable of solving this issue, it can be majorly stressful to have to handle these sorts of emergencies that could easily have been avoided in the planning stage of the trip. Check a travel comparison site such as DealChecker to find cheap holidays in advance.

Meet People (Although Not Everyone)

Yes, at some point it is worth remembering that journeying to a foreign land and not engaging with a single other person is probably a bit of a mistake. But, don’t let your mind fill with nightmarish thoughts of non-stop chatter from the group of six backpackers you are sharing a hostel room with. You should look for more organic conversations.

If you are wondering how to make friends as an introvert while traveling, the answer is quite straight forward: Frequent a certain café, bar or park and see who is there every day. Try and find conversations that relate to something you are interested in.

Bring A Good Book

If you’re introverted, you probably already know the advantage of having something to pass the solo time. Reading is an excellent way to do this while traveling. Most books are very portable and with a lot of time on buses, planes or trains there is a good chance you’ll get a lot of reading done as you go. Books also don’t rely on electricity or batteries, so you will not be able to read one. Read a book that relates to where you are to get that added travel benefit.

Bring Headphones

Again, most introverts know this but the power of a pair of headphones is immense. It allows you to block out chatter and other loud noises, but it also sends a message to people around you that you want to be alone, even if it’s not plugged into anything. This is a pretty vital piece of kit for a traveling introvert.

Conclusion – Tricks and travel tips for introverts

Traveling can be really good for introverted people, encouraging them to open up a little bit and explore the realities of the world elsewhere. It can be stressful, and it can seem like an introvert’s nightmare, but if well planned and well balanced, you should find that you can have a really great trip.

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