7 Ideas For An Awe-Inspiring Travel Themed Living Room

motivational poster

A real traveler is a person who lives out of a suitcase, constantly moving between different points on the map.

However, almost every adventurer needs a safe haven – a house or an apartment where they can return to at any time and rest after a long journey.

How to make that place truly unique? To make you feel like it’s a globetrotter’s home as soon as you step through the door, you need to integrate the memories of your travels directly into the interior design.

We’ve prepared a handful of suggestions for an awe-inspiring travel themed living room, in order for everyone to be able to find something perfect!

If you travel far and wide, it might seem like your home is just another port of call, a type of pit stop, where you can rest and refuel before continuing your journey.

But let’s look at it the other way. If it’s supposed to be your own private oasis of calm and serenity, it would only be fitting to go the extra mile and make it special. We all bring back souvenirs, local crafts, photographs and countless other objects that are worth showing off.

All the memories are in your head, but why not use them to create a unique interior design, which could also serve as a gallery of your travels? With a few spectacular ideas you’ll conjure up an arrangement of your dreams, which will amaze you and anybody else who visits you. You’ll need a few things: a wall mural for the living room, travel photographs, your collection of souvenirs or something else related to your life on the road.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into our inspirations! 

1. A view out of this world

Mountain peaks reaching to the clouds, a picturesque seaside, lush forests full of wildlife, or maybe an African savannah bathed in golden sunlight?

A 3D wall mural for the living room with a breathtaking view is a perfect way to introduce a dominant motive into your interior design.

Think back to all the beautiful parts of the world you’ve visited and chosen one that made the strongest impression on you. That’s the view you want in your living room or bedroom. It’s an incredible way to keep experiences in your memory. Anytime you look at the image, the memories of that particular adventure will come flooding back.

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What’s more, you don’t have to use ready-made designs. It’s true that internet stores offer thousands of spectacular photographs from all over the world, but these pictures sometimes lack personality. That’s why it might be a better idea to order a 3D wall mural for living room made from your own, personal photograph. This way you’ll be sure that your interior design is completely different. Furthermore, the decoration will immortalize your personal experience in that place.

2. A map of your travels

While traveling, it’s always good to have a map close at hand. We used to carry paper maps which, after being folded and unfolded countless times, would often get damaged and become a testament of one’s voyages. These days, we mostly use digital maps stored on our smartphones.

Nevertheless, how about a large format world map to decorate a wall in your room? Instead of a regular physical or political map, these days it is possible to choose a unique design to fit your character and personality. That way, if you enjoy old-fashioned esthetics and like everything retro, choose a depiction of a map from the Age of Discovery. This wall mural has characteristic sepia colors as well as marvelous drawings within the outlines of the continents. On the other hand, you want to express your artistic side, consider a design reminiscent of a modern artwork, where land is represented by splatters of colorful paint.

There is also an interesting offer that will appeal to every minimalist. A map showing only black outlines of continents against a white background, where you can mark the places that you’ve already visited. It’s an incredible way to decorate a room, which allows you to change the arrangement after every trip.

3. A gallery of memories

And what to do if you’re not a fan of murals or you don’t have a room big enough to put up such a large format image on the wall? In that case, consider creating your personal Gallery Wall: a decorative composition made of several different photographs or paintings, which share a common theme.

The images usually have distinct formats, framing, and styles but taken together, they create a coherent effect. In this case, the theme would be traveling. Think about your personalized collage.

What should it include? Naturally, photographs from your travels showing you, picturesque views, and amazing sights. You can also use unsent postcards, plane, train, concert or museum tickets, and even dried flowers or other plants that you’ve brought from faraway corners of the world. In fact, there are endless possibilities and combinations. Your gallery wall can include anything with personal or sentimental value, as long as you can frame it and display it.  

Accessories, the cherry on top

There’s no great interior without stunning accessories. Below, you’ll find some extraordinary ideas on how to complement a traveler’s room.

4. A world within your reach

The object that is most commonly associated with traveling is a map. However, we shouldn’t forget about its three-dimensional cousin, the globe. The idea may bring back memories of your time at school, as globes are an inherent part of every geography classroom. This version of the globe has a completely different feel to it, though.

After all, it doubles as a beautiful lamp. You can use it as a desk lamp. In that case, placed on a stand, it will seem like an ordinary teaching aid at first glance. However, as soon as you turn it on, it will illuminate the room giving it a unique character. Alternatively, you can use a ceiling lamp with a metal shade depicting lines of latitude, longitude, and the outlines of the continents.  

5. Shelves full of treasures

Every time you travel somewhere, you bring back memories, but also various types of souvenirs, knickknacks, or local crafts. All of these objects deserve to be properly displayed. Depending on the overall aesthetic in your home, you can choose one of two options.

Firstly, you can use industrial-style shelves made from metal pipes and aged wood.

Secondly, you may opt for small wooden crates which can be hung on the wall to create a space for displaying e.g. souvenirs in elegant, ornate frames.

This way, your collection of items will look like valuable exhibits in a museum!

And speaking of shelves, every traveler must have at least a few travel guides, atlases, or phrasebooks at home. Treat yourself to an original bookcase in the form of a tree with its branches reaching out, or a swirly snail-shell. A breathtaking effect guaranteed!

6. Typography for a traveler

One interesting decorative idea is hanging a fashionable and expressive typographic poster on a wall. The posters can include motivating quotes, thought-provoking words of wisdom, or simply funny one-liners. Here are a few ideas created with travelers in mind:

  • Let’s get outdoors!
  • Say ‘yes’ to new adventures
  • Be wild and free
  • There is always more to discover

One advantage of posters is that they can be used to decorate not only the living room or the bedroom but also the kitchen or even the hallway. This way, you’ll introduce some traveling inspirations in all areas of your home. If you can’t decide which design to choose, you can always get two or three of them. You’ll be able to decorate several interiors or create a harmonious triptych, e.g. for your hallway.

7. Travel itineraries from A to Z

In order to avoid unnecessary stress, a traveler usually carefully plans their every trip. They choose the route, check accommodation, make sure what type of luggage they can bring, and tally up the amount of cash they’ll need.

The longer the journey, the more preparation you need, and the list of things to take care of can get pretty extensive. That’s exactly why it’s a great idea to have an efficient way of organizing yourself.

You can, for instance, hang a metal grid (black, gold, or silver) on your wall and use pegs to attach to it shopping lists, important documents that you have to pack, or even your plane tickets, which could otherwise get lost among luggage in the heat of the moment. It’s an extremely easy, yet practical solution, not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

Traveling is more than just moving from one place to another. It’s a lifestyle that fills every single day with unforgettable experiences and emotions. And every trip provides you with new adventures and an infinite source of inspiration that can help you create an astonishing home arrangement to truly reflect the person you are. Enjoy!