The Travel Style Tips For Gentlemen You Will Ever Need

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If you are a man, listen up! The good news, you can travel in style and not compromise your looks. In this article, you’ll find what to pack and what not to. Men’s fashion is an ongoing thing these days as keeping up with it can be frustrating. It is a challenge that you’ll soon overcome by reading the following travel style tips for gentlemen.

What to Pack

Your boss just advised you that you need to be in the next state over by tomorrow and he is flying you out tonight. You have to scramble around and pack appropriately. But what do you pack to still look good? Here are some tips on what to pack:

● Slacks for business

● Khakis for pleasure

● Long sleeve shirts for cold weather

● Short sleeve shirts for warm weather

● Tennis shoes for the gym or golf

● Dress shoes for business

And here’s a great minimalist packing list for long-term travels.

What Not to Pack

There are many items that you should not pack, especially if you are carrying an overhead bag on instead of a suitcase. If you are looking to avoid paying extra baggage fees, you should not pack any of the following items:

● Tee shirts

● Items that will not be worn

● Pajamas (if you are going away for only one night)

● More than two pairs of shoes

● Ties (if not going to be worn)

● Suit jacket (depending on how you’ll be conducting business)

What to do Before Traveling

Before you travel out, you should be made aware of certain things/errands that need to be done. This will help ease your mind so that you can take your business or vacation and not have to worry. Here are some suggestions of things to do before traveling:

● Make sure your bills are paid

● Do laundry

● Iron your clothes before leaving

● Pack some extras

● Go over all your upcoming trip details as flights, car, and hotels

● Roll your clothing to make room in your suitcase

● Complete medical checkups and dentist appointments before setting off

Getting these things out of the way before your trip means you’ll have less to worry about and will be able to focus on enjoying the places you’ll be visiting.

Packing properly, having your financial affairs in order, and making sure your health is in order are at the top of the list for vital trip planning. Not only will you not want to worry about your phone getting disconnected, or the heating in your apartment being shut off, but you’ll also want to know your body is up to the task.

This means booking appointments with your doctor and visiting your dentist before you travel to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best. Once the main things are out of the way, you can focus on trip preparation and subsequently having an amazing adventure.

Essentials Bag

All guys should have a bag of essential items. Grooming, in order to look stylish, is important. This is especially true if you are going away on business or even for pleasure. Here is a list of things to add to your essential’s bag:

● Razor

● Mouthwash

● Toothbrush

● Comb

● Shave cream

● Face cream

Looking Your Best

When it comes to looking your best, you have to put a lot of time and effort into it. This is true if you are conducting business while away. But, even if you are on a trip for pleasure; you should have a checklist of what to pack and what not to pack.


Always make a checklist and mark it off as you put the items into your suitcase. This will help with last-minute things that need to be done and not cause you to be late for your flight. The checklist will also help with better organization.

When traveling, it is important to know what you’ll be taking. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you just may find that you are on top of things. These tips will also help with future trips and how much you put into your looks.