Travel Sketching Around The World With Blanca Escrigas

Travel Sketching Around The World With Blanca Escrigas – A World to Travel (3)

Some people are able to create magic out of a simple pencil. Blanca is one of them.

One of the most talented artists I have ever come across, she has little by little built a huge collection of great drawings, watercolor paintings, and sketches from the corners of the world she’s visited.

In her own words: 

I’m an Architect. I was born by the sea, which represents a lot in my life. Subsequently, I practice surfing and run a surf camp in Galicia with some friends. I love drawing and painting and music and I love to be involved in projects that combine them. Traveling and knowing new people and cultures is essential to me too.

Get to know her and her artwork better on today’s interview.

#1: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started to travel. Do you remember your 1st travel experience? What makes you a person in love with traveling? 


I don’t remember my first trips well, but I do recall Vienna being a truly special place I got to visit with my family.
I started traveling thanks to my parents, who were also interested in knowing other parts of the world but even more interested in having us – my sister and I – know as many places as we could too.

#2. Now that we know where do you come from… could you tell us where are you heading to? Which are your plans for the future in terms of travel?

In terms of traveling, I would love to check Central and South America. I’ve traveled most around Europe and North America but I’d really like to see different landscapes, cultures, and ways of living.
During college, I had to postpone my studies but I am really excited to be able to do it now that it is all over!

#3. What do you think of traveling with a purpose or meaning in mind? What do you look for when traveling long term?

I think there are as many ways of traveling as moments in a someone’s life! So there are even more ways than people in the world! haha.
I love traveling solo (for a short trip or long-term travel) and when I go on a long-term stint, I enjoy meeting new people, building new connections, discovering places by myself and special spots that my new friends would like me to see. Difficult to do when you are surrounded by people with different interests.

#4. How do you fund your travels? Have you found a job or income source that allows you to be on the road fulltime? Could you tell us what exactly you do for a living?

Not full-time yet, but I would like to have a more flexible life in a close future!

Now I’m focusing on the illustration scene, which until now has allowed me to travel and draw at the same time! I had just done the Camino from Portugal to Santiago de Compostela thanks to a project called Compostela Ilustrada, a truly inspiring experience!

#5. Which tips would you give to someone that wants to get started in travel sketching or watercolors?

I don’t really think I could say more than just to try to observe everything you find so that you can learn from the world what is most important to draw, and try to create a good sketchbook. That way you can keep memories and remember the how these spots made you feel in the first place whenever you want. 

As for the progression, with passion and self-confidence, everything will work out! Not only in art or illustration, I think a good advice is to start from the beginning, close to your people and step by step. Not being too ambitious but always believing in what you do! 


#6. What do you need to travel with in order to draw on the road? 

I soon learned a comfortable bag is key. I fill mine with the following:

  • soft pencils
  • color pencils
  • brushes
  • a box or two of watercolors
  • a glass for the water
  • a cloth to dry the brushes off
  • and some sketchbooks made of high-quality paper

#7. Did your job, studies, volunteering experiences or other projects help you to travel the world? Where have you been thanks to those? If so, tell us a bit about those experiences. 

Absolutely. On top of how my job is helping me to travel nowadays, my Architecture studies have a lot to do with the places I have previously visited.

#8. What would you recommend to someone who wants to follow your steps? 

It’s a given that I have never traveled without any money but I do think it is not the most important thing. That way, some of my best trips were also the cheapest ones. Like going on an interrail bound around Europe.

I cannot imagine how it all would have turned out should my parents had not helped me financially in the beginning or taught me how enriching traveling was.

Do not be lazy or shy, make the most of your time and the opportunities you have and whether you travel solo or with more people, take some time for yourself from time to time to enjoy all you have learned and how far you’ve come.


#9. What does a perfect day in your life look like? Do you follow any particular routine?

Routine weights more on the negative side to me. I guess the only time when I really feel comfortable sticking to a routine is in loving someone.

#10. Where do you come from originally and where you call home now? 

I come from a small village in the northwest of Galicia that still feels like my true home, although I want to be everywhere else too! Now I’m based in Madrid and, although far from the sea, I still love the city.
My dream for the future would be having a New York home for a while though.

#11. Do you read, write, draw, listen to music, sing, watch movies or do something else while traveling? How do you interact with technology these days and which gadgets you definitely take with you everywhere? What is your favorite book? And movie?

Yes, everything but mostly drawing, photo and listening to music. Sometimes I also travel with my guitar, so let’s add playing music to the combo.
My relationship with technology is pretty bad, I am not really interested in it and keep losing my cell phones all the time.
On the other hand, I am not an avid reader. I know this isn’t something to be proud of but I like to think I use my time the best I can. If I had to name one, it would be ‘The Kite Runner’.
As for movies, so many! Let’s stick with ‘The Lion King’ lol.

#12. Do you keep a bucket list? Which are your craziest travel dreams? Where are your favorite destinations on earth?

I don’t have a bucket list so I am pretty flexible.

In every trip, I always take some ideas with me. Of buildings and places I really want to visit mostly.

As for my craziest travel dreams… I don’t think anything is more exciting than traveling itself. Every time I go somewhere, random stuff keeps happening.I guess it is a consequence of how I am.

Finally, a friend told me once: ‘ I think you like extreme places, whether they are huge cities or jungles’.And I think my friend was right. I am not an urban bum but I love big cities, urbanism and the life that happens in between. But also nature. And wilderness.

Thanks so much Blanca. Keep up those beautiful travel sketches!
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    Fantastic work by Blanca and great interview! I’m not any good at sketching and I find anyone who have this talent fascinating! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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