Best Travel Hacks For Long Flights

Best travel hacks for long flights – A World to Travel

Are you ready to board that long flight to your next destination?
Make sure you have everything together with this checklist of the travel hacks for long flights that have proven to take us to the other side of the globe fresh and ready to explore a new destination over and over.


1. Pack just what you need.

We have discussed this before as overpacking is a common mistake. Plus, minimalism.

Even if you are traveling long-term, it is possible to pack light and carry on only. Head here to have a look at our essential packing list.

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2. Bring a small bag filled with your flight musts.

Storage it under the seat in front of you unless you are seated on an emergency exit row (you won’t be able to hold anything that isn’t attached to you in that case for safety reasons) and you won’t need to stand up to look for items on your carry on during the flight.

  • Inflatable neck pillow.
  • Earplugs and eye mask.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush. Alternatively, chewing gum or mints.
  • Sleeping aid. Melatonin or pills if you are into these.
  • Water bottle. Refill it before boarding the plane if the airport water is drinkable. Otherwise, buy one.
  • Some reading material. A book or magazine for when your devices run out of battery.
  • Your laptop if you are planning to get some work done or watch a movie.
  • Your smartphone loaded with some relaxing music, a meditation app, and some games.
  • Chargers.
  • Facial wipes and lip balm.
  • Comfy clothes in layers.
  • A camera if you are into capturing the landscape from 30000 feet above and have been assigned a window seat (or managed to score one onboard).

3. Stay busy or chill

Unless you go for the second choice and nap all flight long, flights are perfect to catch up with work in an office with the best views in the world!

Many airlines are already providing free or cheap WiFi onboard.

4. Keep yourself hydrated and eat small meals.

Do not abuse caffeinated drinks or eat too much as it won’t do anything for your wellbeing.

5. Stretch and exercise.

Almost every inflight entertainment system or magazine has a dedicated section to show you how to do it correctly. Stand up every few hours and move along the plane to keep your blood moving.

6. Try to adjust to your destination time as soon as possible.

Not an easy task but a necessary one that you’ll face sooner or later. Easier done if you set the time on your devices and try to eat and sleep when you would in the new timeframe.