Travel Gone Nightmare

Osan airmen provide crisis response [Image 2 of 2]

Chances of things going wrong on-the-go (as well as travel went nightmare) are usually underestimated.

Overbooking, missed connections, pickpocketing, minor diseases, culture shock, lack of communications, home-sickness, poor orientation, lost baggage, delays, and cancellations are well-known these days.

The good news is you are unlikely to die because of them. And then come natural disasters, plane crashes, lethal illnesses, unstable countries declaring states of emergency, shipwrecks, incarcerations, human trafficking… With these, you are in real trouble.

Ted Hall Special Collection PhotoRepeatedly we are reminded to book travel insurance, check embassy statuses, take our vaccine shots, keep our valuables under control, do not show off our tech gadgets, stay safe as solo travelers, allow enough time in between flights, drink bottled water… but what if your dream holiday has worse plans for you?

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Among others, I have dealt with the following in the past:

* Bus almost fall into the void in French Alps

* Nearly raped in Cappadocia, twice

* Extremely sick in Morocco

Have you experienced trouble when traveling?

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