8 Travel Apps You Need To Install Before Departure

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When I am traveling alone, my phone is my best friend. That’s because I like to have tools at hand when I need them (just in case I will get lost or something). There are many travel apps that have helped me before and during my trip. For example, an app that pointed me in the right direction. Because it’s so convenient for me, I’d like to share them with you. It makes traveling a lot more fun and easy!

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Travel Apps You Need To Install Before Departure


When you still have to book a flight, Skyscanner is a very handy app. Booking a flight is often the hardest part of your trip. There are countless airlines and different possible routes you can take. Skyscanner helps you with that. When you specify where you want to go, the app gives you the best options to fly to this destination.



When you are still looking for somewhere to sleep, you can use Airbnb.

Airbnb connects you to unique travel experiences, at any price you want. The app opens the door for you to stay in the most interesting places in the world. For example, a castle where no tourists are or a very expensive apartment in the middle of the city. You can make it as much fun as you want.



TripIt helps you to organize your travel plans in one place. You can be your own travel agent and plan every detail of your trip, as long as you give TripIt access to your inbox. You will not have to worry again. Hotels, flights, train journeys, and much more information will just automatically be pulled from your inbox into your TripIt account.


Yelp is a user-generated database of restaurants, bars, gas stations, and more. When you are at your destination it’s helpful to have an app to find restaurants etcetera. You can search for places nearby. The app makes it possible to browse reviews, add photos, and quick tips.

5.Wi-Fi Finder

In this digital world, Wi-Fi can’t be missed. The Wi-Fi Finder app helps you find Wi-Fi locations nearby. What’s very useful is that you can even use the app when you are offline. Next to that, the app also provides directions to the Wi-Fi location of your choice and the local weather.


I think everyone knows about Skype. In case you don’t, it’s definitely a must-have app when you want to stay in touch with family and friends during your trip. You can see and hear them at the same time, it’s like you are both in the same room! Skype only works online, so you have to find Wi-Fi or internet.

7.Google Maps

Yet another app everyone knows is Google Maps. With Google Maps you can’t get lost, because you can find out exactly where you are and where you are going. Next to that, it gives suggestions on where to eat or drink something. So, for travelers, Google Maps cannot be missed.

8.Google Translate

Last but not least: Google Translate. Instead of using signs and gestures, use Google Translate to make yourself understood by locals in the country you’re visiting. So, you cannot miss this app when you are going on a trip.

All these apps can be found in the Google Play store.

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    I think that you can change google maps for openstreetmap, usable on&offline, that, in a lot of locations/possibilities brings you a more accurated info!

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