Top 10 Peru Destinations You Don’t Want to Miss

Supay Beach – Unmissable Peru destinations

One could spend many months in Peru and still not experience everything this South American country has to offer. 

However, if you’re planning some Peru tours in the future, you might be wondering what to include in your itinerary. And rightfully so, as t can be very hard to decide where to visit if your time is limited but consider some of the following destinations in your plans.

Machu Picchu

This has to be the most famous Peruvian tourist destination and is home to the iconic ruins of an Inca citadel. The more adventurous among you can hike there, or you can choose the easier option and travel there by train.

Sitting atop the Andes mountains, this Incan citadel also overlooks the valley of the Urubamba river. Key attractions in the area include the Temple of the Moon, Sayacmarca, Putucusi, and Huayna Picchu. 


You’ll find many places to visit in Cusco, Peru. For example, there’s Sacsayhuaman, Coricancha, and the Inca complex. In addition, you might want to pass by the 17th-century Cusco Cathedral and the lively Plaza de Armas where events and festivals are held regularly. 

Cusco is located high up in the Andes mountains and was once considered to be the capital of the Inca empire.

Another stunning place to visit nearby is the Sacred Valley.  Nonetheless, Cusco is a great base for a lot of interesting day trips.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca nestles between Bolivia and Peru. It’s a glorious stretch of water that also happens to be the highest navigable body of water in the world. You’ll also find the Uros Islands in the lake. 

It’s believed to be the birthplace of the Incas, and you’ll find a variety of ruins to back up this theory. It also happens to be one of the biggest lakes in South America. 


Lima is Peru’s capital city and it bustles with bars, museums, and colonial buildings, all of which help to create a lively atmosphere. Nightlife lovers will find opportunities to trip the light fantastic in bucketloads. 

It has a reputation for its rich heritage, and you’ll find lots of pre-Columbian art and a 16th-century cathedral. 

Key attractions include Huaca Pucllana, Larco Museum, and the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco. 


The Nazca Lines haven’t stopped mystifying and enthralling visitors and history lovers have to make it one of their stops. It’s packed with sights you won’t believe or forget for a long time. 

Nazca is the largest town in the Nazca Province and is located on the southern coast. The name of the city and the lines comes from the Nazca culture that flourished in the area between 100 BC and 800 AD.   


Winter sports lovers and outdoorsy types have to visit Huaraz, a popular spot for adventure enthusiasts. The city has plenty of interesting spots to visit and it’s not far from lots of stunning hikes. There’s also a weekly market in Jiron Jose Olaya. Try some of the regional food and soak up the local atmosphere. 

Huaraz is the capital city of the Ancash Region and is located north of the Callejon de Huaylas valley, 3,000 meters above sea level. 


If you want to experience more of Peru’s History, Maras is where you’ll find salt mines that date back to Incan times. Its location is in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Trails around the area allow you to view the picturesque landscape from all directions.

Cordillera Blanca

This is a mountain range that offers numerous hiking opportunities. If you want to put your climbing skills to the test, aim for the summit of Huandoy.

This magnificent mountain range is part of the larger Andes mountain range (an unmissable Peru highlight) and expands for around 200 kilometers. You’ll find various peaks in the range, some of which are more than 6,000 meters high. There are also around 722 glaciers. 

Paracas National Park

If you want to experience the natural beauty of Peru, head for the Paracas National Reserve. It’s the spot where wild animals and migratory birds find a safe shelter. Not only that, there are some gorgeous beaches of reddish sand where you can unwind and chill with your loved ones. 

Paracas National Park is located in the Ica region of Peru and you’ll also find 65 archaeological sites in the park. 


There may come a time when you need to take a break from experiencing nature and exploring historical sites. When that time comes, head to the resort town of Mancora. The streets are lined with bars, restaurants, and cafes. However, Mancora is best known for its beach which is popular with surfers. 

So, there you have it. Ten of the top destinations you won’t want to miss next time you find yourself in the South American country of Peru. Machu Picchu is the location most visitors head for first, but as you can see, there are plenty more attractions to amaze and delight you.