7 Best Waterfalls in Bali

Top waterfalls in Indonesia

Are you looking for the best waterfalls in Bali? You came to the right place! 

With more than 100 waterfalls in Bali, it might seem impossible to pick which ones to add to your itinerary. Whether you dream of swimming under a tropical waterfall or just want to admire dramatic waterfalls rushing through spectacular rainforest scenery, we’ve got you covered!

Waterfalls are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali, with many being easily accessible on your own or via a tour.

At the same time, many of the waterfalls are deep inside the rainforest and require some intense hiking to reach. Luckily, you get to jump into a refreshing waterfall at the end of the hike, which makes it all worth it!

If you are ready to discover the best waterfalls in Bali, keep reading!

Overview Of The Top Bali Waterfalls

The best time to explore Bali waterfalls is during the dry season because most waterfalls are located in the jungle, and trails leading to them are usually not paved. 

During the wet season, trails get muddy and slippery – even more than usual! Be sure to wear appropriate shoes if you embark on a trip after heavy rainfall.

Another thing to keep in mind, while waterfalls are in the mountains, you will usually have to pay a small entrance fee. It supports the local economy, and helps keep the waterfalls in pristine condition! Therefore, bring cash with you!

Here are, in no particular order, 7 best waterfalls in Bali for your next trip:

  1. GitGit Waterfall in Singaraja
  2. Sekumpul Waterfall
  3. Banyumala Twin Waterfalls
  4. Munduk Waterfall
  5. Tegenungan Waterfall
  6. Tibumana Waterfall
  7. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

GitGit Waterfall in Singaraja

Starting with one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the north of Bali, GitGit Waterfall is a must-see stop on every Bali itinerary. This waterfall is easily accessible even in the wet season, as it is just a quick 10-minute walk from the road. 

GitGit Waterfall is about 35 meters high, with a natural swimming pool at the bottom.  The best part is that you are allowed to jump into the waterfall for a cooling refreshment!

But, be aware there is an old wive’s tale going around – if you swim in the waterfall with your partner, you will soon separate. Not the best way to end your trip to this romantic island!

It takes about 2 hours from Ubud to GitGit Waterfall, and you can either rent a moped and drive yourself or book a driver or a tour.

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Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall is said to be the most impressive in Bali. This multiple waterfall cascades from an 80-metre-high cliff, offering some of the best waterfall views on the island. However, it is not a swimming waterfall, and it is relatively challenging to reach.

Once you reach the Sekumpul waterfall, you have to pay an entrance fee, and you can choose between just accessing the viewing platform or joining one of two trekking options – medium and long. The hike is relatively challenging, mainly because it is slippery, but it is well worth it!

The closest town to Sekumpul Waterfall is Lovina, about 1 hour away. Otherwise, it is a 2-hour drive from Ubud. 

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

This double waterfall is located high in the mountain region of Bali, and it is considered somewhat of a hidden gem due to its location. These two waterfalls run next to each other, separated by the steep cliff they cascade off, and it is a truly stunning scene.

As you reach the parking lot, you will have to pay an entrance fee before descending a path and bamboo stairs for about 20 minutes to the waterfall. The view of the twin waterfalls is stunning and well worth the hike. 

It is possible to swim in the swimming hole created by the waterfalls!

Banyumala Twin Waterfalls are located about 1.5 hours from Ubud if you’re staying in the south. 

Munduk Waterfalls

Munduk Waterfalls are a series of 4 different waterfalls near the mountain town of Munduk. The individual waterfalls are named Laangan Melanting Waterfall, Red Coral Waterfall, Labuhan Kebo Waterfall, and Golden Valley Waterfall. 

You could visit just one of them, but a popular way to visit all 4 waterfalls is the Munduk Waterfalls Trek through the lush rainforest.

It is an excellent day trip idea for hiking enthusiasts, and it will take you about 5 hours to complete. While the trek itself is not long, you will want to spend some time enjoying and possibly swimming, in each waterfall.

Make sure you bring enough water for a full day!

The Munduk Waterfall trek could be combined with a visit to Banyumala Twin Waterfalls, as they are just 10km from each other.

You could stay in Munduk to visit the waterfalls. Otherwise, it is about a 1.5-hour drive from Ubud. 

Tegenungan Waterfall

You don’t need to travel far from Ubud to see stunning waterfalls, and Tegenungan Waterfall in the south of the island is a perfect example. Unlike other waterfalls in Bali, this one is not situated in the mountains.

It is one of the most accessible Bali waterfalls, just a short walk from the parking lot.

There are a lot of photo opportunities and photo props around the waterfall, but make sure to come early as the waterfall gets very busy. Since it is a popular spot, many shops and refreshment spots are around.

Tegenungan Waterfall is located just a short 30-minute drive from Ubud.

Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall is the best Bali waterfall to visit if you want to splash around in a natural refreshing pool away from the crowds. It only became known to tourists relatively recently, with the locals clearing a path making it safer to reach this magnificent waterfall. 

The pool at the bottom of the waterfall is shallow, perfect for non-swimmers and families with children. It is a smaller waterfall, but it is worth a visit if you’re staying in Ubud.

It is easy to reach Tibumana Waterfall from Ubud, as it is just about 15km away.

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Finally, we have Kanto Lampo Waterfall, a stunning multi-layered cascade flowing down large boulders in the south of Bali. It is one of the most photogenic waterfalls on this list, and you might have to queue for a photo in front of this picturesque cascading waterfall. 

It is easy to reach this waterfall by a wooden trail, 10 minutes from the road. Kanto Lampo is also perfect for swimming, as the water slowly fills a small natural pool at the bottom of the waterfall. 

This waterfall is just a short 30-minute drive from Ubud or an hour from Canggu.

Final Thoughts On The Best Waterfalls in Bali

And there you have it, a comprehensive list of the best waterfalls to add to your Bali itinerary. Whether you just want to swim in a tropical waterfall or explore the waterfalls in the lush Bali jungle, there is something for you. 

Remember, these waterfalls aren’t like the sterile swimming pool at your hotel, these are freshwater swimming holes (complete with algae) that showcase Bali’s natural beauty!

Waterfalls in the north of the island are higher and more dramatic, while the ones in the south are smaller but equally gorgeous, perfect for swimming. 

As you can see, there are spectacular waterfalls all over this tropical island, and you won’t miss out regardless of if you stay in the north or the south of Bali. An island full of wonders.

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