A Guide to the Top Attractions in Sicily

Noto – A Guide to the Top Attractions in Sicily – A World to Travel

Are you thinking of visiting Sicily this summer? Great choice! Sicily is a beautiful Italian island in the Mediterranean sea and one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. What’s fantastic about it is that there really is so much to see and do! Whether you want to visit gorgeous beaches, stop for a drink in a lovely town or take in scenic views, it has it all. If this is your first time there, there are a few top attractions in Sicily that you must check out during your stay.



When holidaying in Sicily, an absolute must-see is Taormina. This idyllic place is set high above the sea and has been a firm favorite amongst tourists for hundreds of years. You can find here mesmerizing restored medieval buildings and breath-taking views across the winding streets bustling with bars and restaurants. It really is something to behold and is the perfect place for those looking for an authentic Italian atmosphere.

While you are here, check out the Greek theatre, Teatro Greco, which is thought to have been built back in the 3rd century and allows you take in the views of the smoking Mount Etna and Bay of Naxos. We would recommend visiting in the early evening to take in the sunset!


Mount Etna

Speaking of Mount Etna, did you know this is the most active volcano across the whole of Europe? When visiting this majestic mountain, you can either travel on foot or you can take the cable car part of the way up. It is then up to you whether or not to keep going to reach the crater top!

Unless you have a qualified guide with you, it is best to instead make your way to the observatory situated at 2400m.



Palermo is the regional capital of Sicily and the atmosphere here is unlike anywhere else. What’s really great about visiting this town is that it has not become overly commercialized and, in a nice way, it does cater as much to tourists, giving you a real Italian vibe and atmosphere.

So, don’t expect all the restaurants to offer you a menu in English! Many parts of the old town have remained relatively untouched since World War II which is amazing to see.



If you love visiting archaeological sites, then you won’t want to miss out on seeing Syracuse. Much of Sicily’s history is held here as this really is an incredible archaeological site filled with the most beautiful architecture.

You’ll find plenty of Roman and Greek remains here, with the main attraction a Greek theatre that was built back in the 5th century.  You can also check out the famous San Giovanni Catacombs.

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