10 Awesome Tools To Monitor Your Business While Traveling

Awesome Tools to Monitor Your Business While Traveling – A World to Travel (11)

Next, to your health and family, your business is the most crucial thing for you to monitor on the regular basis. With your business running smoothly, you feel immense satisfaction and you may focus on the other equally important areas of your life with peace and content of mind.

On account of so many engagements, you may also have to travel inside as well as outside the county on various occasions which may create an adverse effect on your business in your absence. But now, with the advent of so many technical tools, it has become absolutely possible to monitor your business even while traveling abroad.

There is no need to worry about your business affairs anymore. Nowadays it is even easier to detect which of your business spots needs your attention instantly. You can get a marketing and UX design agency to do this for you, or you can do it yourself.

Here we have detailed some of the latest tools which will help you monitor your business even while traveling abroad.

Project Management Software Tools for Remote Collaboration

Your team must be aware of project management software tools for remote collaboration well before you leave to travel abroad. There are so many tools to monitor your business while traveling each with different options and features. So you will have to select very wisely as befitting to your needs. Here we are with the two of them.


This accessible tool of the management industry lets employees log their tasks within a project, chat with co-workers about the necessary steps and, to keep everyone well-informed of all the current changes, integrate projects with Gmail and DropBox. Working through this very tool, employees never get clogged down with parts of the project that do not affect their job, as every project has it.


This very successful tool has completed almost nine million tasks on more than 500,000 projects so far. With the help of this tool, you can create custom fields by tracking assignments and projects to enable your team to add the right information for the job. Assembla is really worthwhile for the developers looking to build projects and fix problems for their clients.

Keeping a Check on Employees and Distributed Teams

The most arduous task during traveling is to make sure that your workers are getting their work done smoothly even in your absence. This is especially true for the distributed teams who are even far too remote to be checked easily. The following two tools out of so many will help you make it possible.

Time Doctor

Being a time tracking tool, this software works with the aim to help people and organizations be more productive without wasting time on distractions and analyze where their time is best spent. In this way, it helps businesses improve team productivity by making the employees more effective, less distracted, and focused on the work-life balance (something highly valued by digital nomads). With this tool, you may make remote working arrangements well within your control.


This highest-rated tool for managing the employees’ productivity remotely enables you to check as to when they logged on last and how long they stayed online. You may also check whether the time online was productive or not. Besides micromanaging the employees, this fabulous tool also ensures accurate billing and, hence, lets you know which projects are taking longer than they should.

IT Monitoring and Troubleshooting the Issues

The longer your website or network is down, the more it costs you. So, it is very much necessary to keep your network secured and troubleshoot the issues remotely so that your business affairs may run smoothly. Here is the solution in the form of two renowned tools.

Pandora FMS

A monitoring tool for your hardware, software, networks,  and applications offers special services for your remote teams distributed across the globe. Its strong dashboard provides you with highly visual reports on your infrastructure, enabling you to see for yourself the weaker areas and what needs to be addressed immediately.


This superb tool accesses the networks remotely and controls devices across the globe, troubleshooting the problems and updating the software so that the employees may reach their drives and folders from the roads.

Social Media Marketing and Listening Tools

While traveling abroad, you must be quite deficient in time to pour over the marketing channels. But there is no need to worry about all this now, as the following tools have special dashboards which give you quick overviews about your company.


With this highly efficient tool, you can track your mentions across 500 social networks and 150 domain names. You can also track your own brand, industry trends,  and even your competitors.


Social media marketers can have a more visual look at their company’s performance through this reliable, easy-to-use monitoring tool. More than 70000 people use it today. Tracker reports sentiment analysis and influence scoring along with the traditional data points such as likes, shares,  and comments.

Human Resource Management from Abroad

A lot of companies and organizations depend upon their CEO for hiring and firing, IT and sales and, hence, increase his responsibility towards his business. The following tools will help you carry out this smoothly and vigilantly even when you are traveling.


Sifting through hundreds of resumes, posting repeatedly on job boards and juggling candidate interviews are very hectic jobs for any owner. Jazz has made this whole process very easy by syndicating your job posting across the top job boards together with niche-industry specific sites. This wonderful app lets you read the résumé from the road and extend job interviews as well as offers.

Field Nation

This tool connects you with the skilled freelancers through their online marketplace. You need them when you have an important task to be done on an urgent basis and you find your whole team already overloaded. So, you can get your task done by some remote team just on time without hiring more full-time staff.

In short, these are the top tools to check your business while traveling abroad.

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    Nice, thanks for the tips! I’d add one more great tool that can certainly help working travelers (well, it helps me at least). I’m talking about Kanbantool. It’s a good task and project management tool, a team management tool and it has a time tracking feature. All in one, no need to have hundreds of other apps, this one is enough.

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