5 On Point Tips To Find A Great Travel Deal

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If you discovered you can have the same kind of holiday for half the price you were about to pay, would you say, “I am not interested?” We don’t think so. Discover the following five on-point tips to find a great travel deal and save money when booking your next getaway.

1. Subscribe to Travel Deal Pages on Facebook

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Travel deals are on Facebook if you know where to find them. Like those pages and remember to set them so that they appear first on your news feed. When you do, you will be one of the first people to know about those offers and deals, and you’ll be able to take advantage of those deals. Easy, right?

Some hotels, such as lodging establishments that make up the Wyndham Hotel Group, for example, offer valuable coupons and offers on dedicated Facebook pages.

2. Sign Up for Holiday Offers Newsletters

Whether you are into safaris, diving, or getting deals for affordable cruises, online travel companies have newsletters waiting for you to sign up. When you receive them, you’ll be among the first people in the know so that you can score a great deal.

3. Be as Flexible as You Can

Not everyone can do it, but if you can choose when to take your holiday, wait for the deals to come to you and pick your days wisely.

Most people travel during the high season for travel. If you can, allow yourself some flexibility and try to go places where not everyone will be visiting at the same time.

Be aware, however, that some destinations are better to avoid in the low season for travel, such as India during the monsoon or wet season, and the Caribbean when hurricane season approaches. On the other hand, other places, such as most of the European countries, can be enjoyed year-round. Just remember to dress accordingly for the weather.

4. Less Is More

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Carrying around a massive backpack or trolley with you makes little to no sense, unless you are a model and need to take many outfits with you.

Use common sense and give your packing list a thought before starting your journey. Remember that everything becomes less expensive when you are carrying only your essentials.

5. Get Familiar With the Places You Are Traveling to Before You Arrive

Many times we forget where we are going, and we don’t research our destination. As a result, we end up spending more money and time than we anticipated in the beginning because our travel planning has gone awry.

From the accommodations to the food, museums, or means of transportation, checking out information and places online — which, by the way, was never easier — goes a long way. Plus, your wallet will thank you forever when you research and find the discounts you seek.


Let these five tips help you score a great travel deal. We hope you start implementing them and saving money during your upcoming trips.

Would you like to share any other tips like these? Please leave a comment below these lines. We are always trying to improve our content, and we appreciate your feedback!