Top Tips For Travelers Before They Head To London For A Holiday


The city of London is the perfect destination for a holiday because it has so much to offer travelers with plenty of attractions and landmarks. Heading to the city it’s important to plan in advance as tourists need to think about when it’s a good time to visit, where to stay and what to put on an itinerary. Tourists should definitely think about the weather situation in the capital as it can be very changeable. There is certainly good weather during the spring and summer months, but any time of year is actually great for visitors. Travelers just need to remember to pack smart and take an umbrella with them wherever they go when they are in London.

LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 17, 2015: City of London aerial view, Shard and river Thames. London panorama form 32 floor of Walkie-Talkie building

London panorama from 32 floor of Walkie-Talkie building

The weather certainly doesn’t massively affect the amazing experience that visitors can have in this wonderful capital city. There is certainly a greater amount of tourists who visit in July and August, which is the hottest time of year. Travelers coming to the UK from overseas need a passport and most will need a visa. It is important to get these requirements ready before a trip to the country so that travelers do not get stressed out nearer the time of departure. London can be reached by air and ferry, and can also be traveled to by road and rail from mainland Europe. Tourists should try and find an accommodation in the heart of the city of to make it easier when traveling around to the main London attractions and sights.


Tourists should stay in the center of London when visiting so an accommodation such as the MStay Hyde Park hotel is the best choice. This excellent hotel near Bayswater station is the perfect base for travelers who want to be near many attractions and sights. This superb residence has modern rooms with amenities including an LCD digital television and free Wi-Fi that’s ideal for checking emails. There is also a kitchenette with a hob for cooking and utensils. There is also an en-suite shower room that contains lovely toiletries for travelers.

The capital’s public transport is very easy to use and tourists will find that they can get around quickly without any worries. It’s quite cheap and is also safe to use whether on the underground, trains or buses. To quickly zip through the traffic tourists can also hire a black cab or taxi. This will cost a little more than a tube trip but is a lovely London experience, as travelers can take a ride with one of the capital’s famous cabbies who are knowledgeable about the quickest routes. Of course, travelers where possible should walk around to enjoy the sights and save some money between tube stations that are close to each other. 

LONDON, UK - CIRCA NOVEMBER 2011: The Ritz hotel at night.

Visiting London means travelers should try to abide by the rules of people who already live there. For instance, they should stand on the right on escalators to avoid bumping into commuters who want to get to their destination quickly. Those who use the left part of the escalator can walk up or down. Tourists should remember there are a huge number of free things to see and do. To visit the expensive sights visitors can purchase a London Pass that offers access to around 60 locations, such as the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.