Timebox video – A letter to my future self

What would you like to tell to your future self in 10 years? That was the starting point of this video project. Five European youngsters, one message.


“Life is too short to spend it in the wrong place with the wrong people. Never forget your dreams, long time it was your spirit. Remember? You know, I believe and trust in you. I was fighting for your days. So, don’t let me down and please, enjoy your life, Maria. Enjoy it!”

“Do not lose your curiosity. Keep experiencing. Don’t sacrifice yourself to be so-called “normal”. Love yourself. Don’t let anyone else to judge you. You will meet people passing by in the same tunnel in that moment. Appreciate each encounter and learn the most from them. Each day has its own rythm. Each sunrise offers another message. Experience it! Catch the day!”

“Are you still there? Pay close attention and don’t forget what you used to enjoy the most. Stay curious and keep on learning everyday. Don’t be afraid of being yourself and continue breaking free sometimes. Share your time with great people and remember, money cannot buy you a life.”

“Don’t be afraid when someone is better than you. You are good. You can do it. Don’t be afraid when you are down. Just stop one second, step up and start thinking. Don’t be afraid. You will be happy, you will be never alone. Love your life and never forget where you come from, never forget who are you. I believe in you.”

“Fear is good, fear is powerful, fear is the thing that pushes us to go and fight and in the end, win. Fear makes you stronger and fear sets you free. Everybody can feel fear, everybody can be afraid but not everybody can look fear in the eye and take it for a dance. You don’t have to be a good dancer, you just have to feel the music. And now, repeat after me. I am free!”

TIMEBOX – A letter to my future self is a video project made during the Media and Personal Training Course and Youth Exchange “Make it work” that took part in Lithuania in September and October 2013.

Funded by EU Youth in Action program and managed by Synergie Lithuania.

Made by:

Maria Chorniy, Lithuania

Oliver Nagy, Hungary

Inma Gregorio, Spain

Catalin Stefan, Romania

Nazli Ece Baltepe, Turkey

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