Five Things We Love About Limassol

Things we love about Limassol Cyprus

Cyprus is a unique destination and probably one of the most interesting places on earth.

It is a special nest for peace of mind located among diverse regions: south of Turkey, west of Siria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel, north of Egypt and east of Greece.

On the other hand, the city of Limassol is the largest port and the second largest urban area in Cyprus.

There are many reasons to visit and love it and these are our top five. Enjoy!

1.The mash up of history

Limassol is a cosmopolitan city, immersed in history. Ancient ruins, a medieval castle, an old market, buildings reminiscent of the British rule, a modern seaside park, and a brand new marina, shape the landscape of this wonderful area.

This is why we would recommend you walk or bike around the city.

2. The festivals

It seems like Limassolians are always busy organizing a fiesta.

There is the Carnival Celebration around February or March every year, the Flood festival, a beer fiesta, a wine festival, an international film festival, a street life festival and a dance festival.

Particularly enjoyable is the Flood Festival, where people sprinkle each other with water. It dates back to ancient rituals of purification and its modern manifestation is pretty fun.

The wine festival is also very interesting. If you wish to see people crushing the harvested grapes in the old fashioned way, i.e trampling them barefoot, this is definitely the place to go. And if your feet are clean, you can also participate in the ritual.

Wine Glass - Things We Love About Limassol Cyprus - A World to Travel

3. The Londa Beach Hotel

The ease and function of a business hotel, combined with all the delights of a resort, in an intimate environment.

The Londa Beach Hotel is like a synopsis of its host city, Limassol.

The beachfront on one side, a bustling avenue on the other, friendly professionals and cheerful locals making sure you enjoy your stay and giving you tips on where to find whatever it is you are looking for!

Londa Beach Hotel - Things We Love About Limassol Cyprus - A World to Travel

4. The meze

Mezedes (plural of meze) are an array of small dishes, usually served before the main dish.  Locals often skip the main dish and feast entirely on mezedes. Lountza, sheftalia, haloumi cheese, keftedes… these are some of the delightful tastes that you’ll find either in taverns in the villages of Limassol or in a mageiriokafeneio in the urban area.

Head to Saripolou St to try them all!

Haloumi Cheese Sandwich - Things We Love About Limassol Cyprus - A World to Travel

5. The cranes

Hailed by film directors as the ‘magic hour’, the very moment after the sun sets, cranes at the Limassol Harbour seem to come to life.

Limassol cranes at sunset - Things We Love About Limassol Cyprus - A World to Travel

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